Nail Varnish Favourites

Now because i work as a hairdresser everyone can always see my hands so i always try to make sure they are clean and my nails are well presentable. 

At christmas i received a box set of the Champneys nail varnishes. at first i wasn’t too keen on the colours and there was quite a variety. but i have to say after trying them with different outfits i fell in love with them.
My most favourite at the moment is definitely the mulberry shade from the collection. This colour I instantly fell in love with. its a beautiful deep berry colour; perfect for autumn and winter! You can purchase this shade directly through Champneys for £5.00

My next favourite is OPI. OPI polishes I heard about 5 years ago and just thought they were overpriced polishes. I’m all about getting a bargain but i also want quality with the products i buy. 
About a year ago i purchased a polish from debenhams. It is in the shade 'berlin done that' this is a beautiful cream taupe toned polish. i find you only need one coat of this and it looks really good. this polish cost my around £11 and it  is now kept in my favourite nail varnish box.

When i was younger i was a total sucker for Barry M products ( yes i owned the bright green glitter pots). i recently purchased several varnishes from Barry M. As you can see they are all pastel tones, which i find perfect for Spring/Summer but i do occasionally like to venture and wear them during the winter months to brighten up an outfit. these were very inexpensive and a must have in everyones varnish collection. Out of all the pastel colours the mint green is definitely my favourite. These were £2.99 per bottle directly from Barry M