Beever no.5 pliable paste | review

So I came across Beever hair are range about a year ago whilst working. I have to say this is a perfect product for men AND women. 
As I have really thick coarse hair I find it really takes it but keeps a texturised look. 
I would say it was an ideal product for anyone with short to medium length hair as in long hair it just looks abit icky. 

You DO NOT need a lot of this product, as once you've worked it into your hands it's more than enough. 
For men this gives a textured finish with a strong/ medium hold. I now find I use this on a lot of my male clients. 
The one thing I love about the Beever range is that it's all made of natural components. GREAT!
As a hair stylist I am very particular about what products I use on myself and my clients - this is definitely one I will always keep in my collection. 
The no.5 pliable pastes comes in a 125ml tube with a minimalist monochrome design - perfect for men and women. 
I paid £12.50 for a tube and so far it's lasted me 8 months with plenty left. You definitely get your money's worth. 
You can check out their range and purchase directly from here
You can also check them out on their social media; links below

Happy hair day!!