Mao Couture Bridal Newcastle

So a few month ago me and my sister went to look at wedding dresses (don't worry my sister is getting married were not weirdos walking around bridal stores) 
About a year ago I worked with Mao couture on a Photoshoot and completely fell in love with the dresses. 
I decided to I had to show my sister so we went to the store based in Fawdon - just outside of newcastle city centre. 
I was definitely not disappointed. It's every brides dreams - the dresses are amazing. 
All of Mao Couture dresses are handmade which makes it all a bit more person. 
Here is some pictures so you can see for yourself. 

They are amazing aren't they!!
Some shots of the photoshoot I worked on using Mao Couture dresses

You can check them out on facebook and their website.