Homeware Favourites

Now i decided to make a list of my all time homeware favourites. these are things I’ve kept for years as they seem to go with everything i own.
the first thing i absolutely love is this Cath Kidson bunton. The colours are so bold and definitely brighten up my office space. as my office space is my creativity area i like to keep it bright and happy. i received this as a present so i am unsure of what price this was. i used to have this on my wall but decided my office area definitely needed a bit of bold colour and make the area look more positive.

the second thing i love is this dream catcher. i received this as a present from my friend who went to ibiza. Now as i kid i used to get really bad dreams all of the time and I’m not usually superstitious but i do believe this helps. i keep it on my headboard or on my wall close to me. it’s the cutest thing I’ve eve owned and can go anywhere in the house.

i love anything really homely or vintage-esque. a few year ago i bought this LOVE sign from boots. i got it for a bargain of £10. this was in the christmas collection of stuff. i fell in love with this instantly. i love that it isn’t a perfect smooth coat of paint and the little birds are super cute. i just love it! I have placed this on my window sill with all my other nick nacks.

On the topic of my window sill, last year i purchased this white ceramic skull money jar from Urban Outfitters. Now to be perfectly honest the thing doesn’t hold a penny but when i saw it i completely fell in love with the designs on the skull and it was a total impulse buy. i think i bought this for around £10. and they also do it in black & gold; may definitely be buying that one aswell.