KeRico South American Street Food

So a few weeks back I was running some errands for work when I came across KeRico Catering. They are a small street food van parked near work in Newcastle city centre. As a total foodie I thought I'd give this place a go. 

I bought cheese twists, chicken dumplings and a peppered avocado dipping sauce. And oh my days it melts in your mouth. 
Mozzarella Cheese Twists
The cheese twists had the most delicious rich mozzarella inside. 
The chicken dumplings were a mix of chicken, vegetables and spices. 
I have to say my favourite was definitely the peppered avocado dipping sauce. 
Peppered Avocado Dipping Sauce
I could eat this all day long.

 Chicken Dumplings
I got all this for less than £5 and it was worth it.
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