7 Things I've Learnt From Being A Kid

So a while back i saw this flying around the Blogosphere && thought this might be a fun tag to do. This actually took me a lot longer to write than i thought it would. So here it goes, seven things i've learnt from being a kid.

1. Always make time for family
When i was younger, family time was a chore. It wasn't cool to be seen out with your parents/aunts when you could be chilling with your friends. Especially when i was a teen; it was just something i tried to not do ( i know, i was an evil child). But the older i've gotten, i've realised the importance of family. As much as i thought my grandparents would be around forever - the reality is that i should have spent more time with them. Same with my parents - i now try to spend more time with my folks.

2. Friendships don't always last
It's OKAY. Some people aren't meant to stay in your life and some people are. I know when i fell out with my 'BFF' i thought my life was over (I was 13 and slightly dramatic!) but hey, don't stress about it. People come and go, lives take you down different paths - it doesn't make you a horrific person.

3. Dream Big, Live Big
Now when i was a kid i would dream that i'd wake up as a unicorn or a dinosaur was waiting for me outside.  I've always kept my inner child in all aspects of my life - from work to my personal life. I've always dreamt big and that's why it's got me to where i am today. I love a particular quote and the meaning is so powerful i had it tattooed on me, ' dream as if you'll live forever, live is if you'll die today'

4. Take More Risks
I never used to think of the consequences when doing things as a kid. I think everyone should take a little bit of this into their adult life. I always ask myself 'what's the worst that can happen?' If you do it in the moment, you'll never regret not taking that chance. You'll never get that same chance again. 
Close your eyes and jump.

5. If you're passionate, follow it
i've always believed in doing something you're passionate about regardless of what others think. I've always been passionate about hair. I remember when was leaving high school and they asked what we were going to do, when said i wanted to be a hairdresser/barber, i was completely mocked. Those who mocked me are either on the dole & unemployed or working in a dead end job they hate. Moreal of the story is if you wanna be an astronaut, do it. If you wanna be a farmer, do it. 
Nobody has the right to judge you and those who do - prove them wrong.

6. Be careful what you say
Now 98% of kids/teenagers/adults say something ridiculous to hurt or insult someone. And 99% of the time you don't mean it to sound the way it does. People will remember these things in many years time. 
Be wise with your words.

7. Read more literature 
Now i've always been a reader but the older i've gotten the more of a book worm i've became. I think everyone needs a fictional character to join their imagination. For me at the moment it's the Hunger Games and Game of Thrones. When i was a teen it was definitely Harry Potter. When i was younger it was anything Beatrix Potter or Roald Dahl.  It's healthy to feed the imagination.