Sunday Special Review - Love Lies Novel

Hi Guys
Welcome to my FIRST Sunday Special Review.
This week is going to be a book.
The book I'm reviewing today is called Love Lies by Adele Parks.

Now bit of background on Adele.
After doing some research i found out she's a northern gal; just like me!
this instantaneously made me want to read the book more.
Love Lies was published in 2009 and Adele's 9th book.
Although her success she was a new author to me & i've never read any of her previous novels so i was excited to see what her writing was like!

At first i wasn't too sure about this book; expecting it to be a typical romance novel.
I began reading on my commute to work && during my lunch break.
I read this book in about 2 hours. It's completely addictive.
It has that story line where you can sympathise with and relate to your own life; thinking there's got to be more that what you currently have, that you want something more in your life.
Adele has written this book wonderfully, making you want to jump straight into the next chapter and so on. I was hooked on this -  i just didn't want to put it down

the plot
Fern is staring thirty in the face and can't ignore the love lies any longer. Life with Adam was amazing once - although these days swinging from the chandeliers means D.I.Y. not S.E.X. She believes a romantic wedding should be the next step but Adam just won't go down on one knee.
Then a chance meeting with Scottie Taylor - the UK's sexiest pop star - lights fireworks in Fern that won't stop exploding. It's mind-expanding love at first sight for them both so when he proposes in front of a sell-out crowd at Wembley Stadium, there's only one answer. Yes, yes, yes!
Before you know it, Fern is living the celebrity dream in LA and a wedding planner is arranging designer shoe fittings. But isn't it all happening a little too fast? Why is this modern-day Cinderella homesick for a rented two-bedroom flat in Clapham?
How do you know whether love is telling the truth? Fern must choose which version of this fairy tale is hers ..

It's a very light hearted, fun book as she makes the characters seem so normal; you feel for the characters in the book - especially Fern (the main character)

i would give this book a 4 out of 5.
The only reason - there was a lot of build up & suspense throughout the book.
The ending was too normal for me, i wanted something more, more of a cliffhanging.
But pushing that aside, this is an amazing book and well worth a read

Have you read any of Adele Parks' book?
What do you think of Love Lies?


  1. Sounds like a tempting read! I have only ever read one book by Adele Parks and that was called 'Tell me something'. Took awhile to pull me in but once I was hooked I couldn't put it down.

    1. This book is definitely worth a read. I'll have to check out 'tell me something' sounds like a good book!


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