Lancaster Roberts Interview Exclusive

So. if you haven't heard already, Lancaster Roberts are pretty much a big deal!
Now if you're not familiar with this brand, let me give you a quick lowdown.
Lancaster Roberts was created by Scott Lancaster && Robert Ham. They had the idea of creating their own watch company with that exclusive feel to them but keeping a minimal design - to suit everyone.
I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the co-creator of the business; Robert. His role within Lancaster Roberts is dealing with the logistics of the business && the sales operation.
Lets go!

So Robert, what made you co-create the business with Scott?
It was through passion and inspiration that Scott and I created Lancaster Roberts. We get on like a house on fire, really like a brother from another month who are obsessed with success.

What are your planned release dates && this years plan for Lancaster Roberts?
We are wanting to release our first range within the next three months by having watches on peoples wrists. We are aiming to go direct to our manufacturers to watch our production line and put name to face.

Any business trips for yourself and Scott this year?
We want to develop our watch into a Swiss made watch, so we are really putting a lot of hard work into making this happen!

What is your personal favourite piece out of all the collections?
My personal piece has to be the black Cantena. The feel, the look all works for me. Also black goes with anything and everything.

Who do you see yourself competing against in the next few years?
We feel our first watch today compared to where we want to be, will be competing at two different levels; but analyse against the best in business. We like competition, variation in other brands and models. It is what makes the industry so dynamic.

And finally, why should people purchase a Lancaster Roberts timepiece?
We want people to fall for Lancaster Roberts and what it actually stands for. It's a minimal design product which will appeal to a lot of people. But developing beyond that, having a product which is aesthetically pleasing with a personal meaningful touch is what we want people to love.


Thank you so much Robert for giving your time to give us a little inside of the workings behind Lancaster Roberts.
Keep your eyes pealed over the coming months for their release, this is definitely something you don't want to miss on.

Here are some images of the collections they currently have produced. I have to say the New York first edition is definitely my favourite - i can't wait to get my hands on one myself.
Leave a comment on which timepiece is your favourite!

New York First Edition
Blue Ash First Edition
Cambridge First Edition
Black Cantena Series - This one is Robert;s favourite!
Silver Cantena Series
Gold Cantena Series
Black Hirsch Limited Edition
Brown Hirsch Limited Edition
Red Hirsch Limited Edition
Pearl Hirsch Limited Edition

If you do want to check these guys out, their links are below!
Happy monday guys


  1. It's amazing you got such oportunity. You've really made a nice interview and presented them finlly. Great job, wish you more of this and good luck for the future!

    1. Thank you so much! I've been very fortunate to be able to work alongside the creators of Lancaster Roberts!

  2. I need a lancaster robert's in my life!!

    1. They're gorgeous! they will be launching very soon so pop over to their Facebook page for updates! i can't wait to get my hands on the new york first edition its just perfect.


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