My One Year Blogiversary

So this post is to celebrate my first milestone of my blog.
It's my 1 year blogging anniversary and I have to say; WOW what an experience.

I began a blog this time last year to document my life as a stylist and review some products i already own and love to share with you guys.
The response has been completely overwhelming.
I've had some amazing opportunities over the past year from doing posts about:
 musicians such as:
Suntrapp, Bad Rabbits, La Fontaines & Black Atom Movement
beauty reviews for: 
Make up revolution, Viktor & Rolf, Beever & Forever Living

and some amazing events i've been invited to from my blog:
Le Beau Ideal, Newcastle Fashion Week & The Boiler shop steamer

i've also done some tags and got a massive response from my #heforshe blog post.
All of this in the last 52 weeks.

My blog future.
I have so many exciting things coming up on my blog
- some new collaborations
- NEW product reviews
- book,tv, movie reviews
- hair tutorials
-make up tutorials
- a peek into my life as a blogger

I am now going to be blogging about my regular stuff on a monday, wednesday and friday.
On sundays i will now be writing a post about my favourite book, TV show, movie or song at the moment.
I've also got a big bag of goodies to give away so you guys need to get involved.

I just want to say thank you to all of you that have took your time to look at my blog and comment.

- I love you all