Black Atom Movement | Band

Photography - Daniel Stark
About a year ago I came across a band called Black Atom Movement. They're a local two piece band from Washington. Aaron (the vocalist) is a friend & colleague of mine, so I know a lot about the band and what they do. 
Himself and the drummer Tommy joined together in early 2014 and after a long absence over the summer, they've grown massively as a band and play every week around the North East - mainly in Sunderland, Newcastle & Durham. 
Black Atom Movement are a heavy blues/ rock & roll band where Aaron plays guitar & sings; and Tommy plays the drums. All of their music is original & written by themselves, which makes them have their very own unique sound. 
Recently Black Atom Movement were signed with Rocking Horse Records based in Durham & are currently recording their first EP. 
They've realised their very first song called 'Stoned in Love' & i am addicted to listening to it. It's super catchy and just a great song. You can download their song from this link : To download their new song

Their new song has also just been featured on Sunderland AFC's video for the Newcastle-Sunderland derby on the 5th april 2015 - check this out! Sunderland AFC derby video.
These guys are getting huge very quickly and very proud of both the guys
If you haven't already check them out on their social media

Here are also some dates to pop in your diary for their upcoming gigs!
Photography - Daniel Stark