Forever Living Lipstick && Lipgloss | Review

Hi guys!
I have another gorgeous review for you! 
This one, i've been looking forward to doing for a while now; its lip products - EEP!
Now, if you know me or read my blog, i'm addicted to buying lip products so these we're perfect for me.
Firstly, i want to say the packaging on both products are so beautifully done, so simple but effective.
So! let's get started.

Luscious Lip Colour - Perfect Pink 

Okay, i'm going to be honest, when i first saw this i was very scared to use it for two reasons.
1 - I never wear lipgloss other than vaseline ( that counts right??)
2 - Pink, i think i fear the colour pink
I've never been a girly girl to wear pink lipsticks/lipglosses and i usually opt for a red or dark purple colour. But now I am completely in love with these colours!


When it's on it gives this beautiful shimmery pink. It's perfect for spring which is the perfect excuse to wear it this time of year.

Delicious Lipstock Watermelon

Watermelon delicious shade. Now wow. Doesn't that just sound amazing before you've even looked at it. Coral's are my new thing. This colour is amazing. Check it out 

As you see when it's on it isn't really in your face, just a beautifully subtle coral tone. This is definitely going to be my spring/summer lipstick. 

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