March Favourites

Can you believe we are now in April?! So it's that time again to have a little look through my favourites for the month. I know i missed February, i got confused with the leap year, but ill make sure i do it for the rest of the year. So let's see what I've been loving...
Now, i'm constantly raving about the No.7 Day & Night Cream but these are like my bread & butter in my skincare routine. I literally swear by them
So i've been playing around with the PS... range from Primark && i picked up these PS...Nose Pore Strips . At first i was a bit skeptical for 80p! But holy cow, these are one of the best blackhead removers i have ever used
A bloggers favourite product is the Garner Micellar Water. This product is my holy grail. It's perfect for removing that stubborn waterproof mascara.
My favourite fragrance at the moment is Vera Wang - Vera Wang I've been using this scent for a while && I'm running low on this but it's one of those few perfumes i always have.

Nail Polish
My perfect everyday nude nail polish is the OPI 'Berlin Done That' i've been loving it through the end of winter && beginning of spring.
Spring is here && summer is just around the corner so it's the perfect time to start playing around with pastel colours & i don't think you can get any better than Barry M 'Ballerina' && 'Blue Moon' You can wear it as a subtle brush of colour or build it up so it's super bright.

With the weather getting a little bit nicer it's nice to be able to wear bronzer without looking like a wotsit in winter. I picked up the St. Moriz bronzer in 'medium' This gives a very subtle bronze but i'm absolutely in love with it.
If you know me, you know how addicted to lip products i am, so it wasn't a shock i had a few in my favourites. PS...Lip Crayon in 'dark pink', Make Up Revolution lipstick in 'luscious' && the 
Avon chubby crayon in 'showstopper pink' are the ones i've been using non-stop throughout March,
This month i was lucky enough to go to some amazing places. Early in the month i got the chance to go to Aphrodite Jewellery & Kayleigh Falcus HQ and check out all the things.
I'm not gonna lie I spent most of the afternoon trying everything on && taking pictures. I wish i could have took them all! I especially loved the blue stoned 'boho' rings, the amethyst stone (which is my birth stone) && these cute silver rings. Head over to both their social medias!!

Secondly I got invited to the Lancome Juicy Shakers launch. This was held in Fenwicks newcastle.
I actually wrote a blog about the entire event here - Lancome Juicy Shakers if you do wanna check it out. It was super fun, the ladies at Lancome were amazing && it was nice to see some other bloggers too!
Earlier in the month, i decided to dig out my old record player. My gran && both my parents have a serious LP collection so i decided to have a snoop around to see what records they had. I wasn't brave enough to go in the loft by myself to get the other but i have been playing the Michael Jackson pretty much every morning when i wake up.

This month for music I've been trying to mix up what i've been listening to lately. i've been trying to listen to some golden oldies. So here's some songs i've been absolutely loving this month.
Fall Out Boy - Sugar We're Going Down. My 15 year old self is like fan-girling like crazy over Pete Wentz. This song will never ever get old.
Jake Houlsby - Fuel for the Fire. Now i done a post on Jake forever ago, but he released Yannina last year but i love it. Check out his music here - Jake Houlsby Youtube
Alan Walker - Faded. This is one of those songs which I am like addicted to. I listen to this over && over again.
Adele - When We Were Young. Man, Adele is just like ugh her voice! This is definitely my new favourite Adele song!

So there you go, theres my favourites this month. Let me know what you've been up to && enjoying this month!