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Hello && Happy Monday everyone!!
Now this post should have gone up like a week ago, but everytime i wrote it i just wasn't happy with it. So this is like the third time i’ve wrote it because the second time, it disappeared from my blog scheduled posts! But we’re finally here.
Last month i was invited to the Lancome Juicy Shaker Event (click the link to check out the original post) and they offered us a complimentary treatment. 
So of course i went with my favourite blogging bestie, (The Original Redhead) one night after work. Once we got there we received a super warm welcome from Nikki. We first had a little chat && a catch up, she made me feel so relaxed!! After that Nikki carried out a quick consultation of what i wanted to get out this service && things i wanted to learn about what’s best for my skin.

The first thing she did was remove all of my make up using the Galaties Douceur gentle facial cleanser. This was super soft of the skin && is perfect for removing any residue of makeup on my skin.
After that she used the Monique Douceur toner. She said how important this was for my skin as it closes the pores && you're makeup will apply a lot easier. While we we're letting that soak into my skin we got chatting about life, makeup && all things girly.
Once that had soaked into my skin Nikki used the Advanced Genifique which is an anti ageing face serum. She then apple the Genifique Eye Light-Pearl anti wrinkle eye serum. This stuff is insane, I've never seen anything like it, I've put an image below. The applicator is a stainless steel pearl && when your applying it under the eyes it gives it a cooling effect && is actually quite calming. I could have happily left Nikki to put that under my eyes all day long! 
Once i was all soothed && it had been massaged into my skin she applied the Hydra Zen Day Cream anti stress cream. This is something i already use in my skincare routine so i know how perfect this product is! So that was it for skincare products, now to move onto makeup.
Obviously the first thing Nikki applied was the La Base Pro Primer. This literally felt weightless on my skin && she only had to use the tiniest amount. She then applied the Effacers Longue Tenue Concealer in the shade 02 Beige Sable under my eyes && on any blemishes i had on my skin (I was going through a horrible breakout) and they covered everything i was conscious of.
Next was foundation. This was an important thing for me to learn. I've recently gone a lot blonder so i have no idea what undertones, depths i should be wearing. We tested a few on my neck and decided on the Teint Idole 24h Foundation in the shade 025 Beige Lin. This literally doesn't look like i'm wearing anything, it just gives that natural look which i'm loving at the moment.
With me using  a darker foundation i feel super pale so i asked for some bronzer && we applied the Belle De Teint in the shade 05 Belle de Noisette. This gave me the most perfect healthy sun kissed glow that I needed. It was time to play around with blushes. Now usually i always stick to a dusky pink colours but Nikki suggested me to try the Blush Subtil in the shade 03 Sorbeit De Corail. Oh my god, this is the most beautiful pastel coral colour ever, it's definitely something i'm gonna have to purchase and experiment with.
Finally no look is complete without lip products! Because we used the coral blush it was only fitting to use the Lip Lover in the shade 314 Casse-Noisette. I'm not a gloss sort of girl, i'm definitely more of a lipstick, but this was completely weightless!
That is my face finished! That was possibly one of the most relaxing && fun treatments I've had in a while. I wish i could hire Nikki to come to my house and do this for me everyday!
I forgot to mention, these mini treatments are free . I know crazy right?! So get yourself down to your local Lancome, anyone who lives in the Newcastle area, get yourself to Fenwicks Newcastle for a treatment with Nikki. She is amazing!!!


  1. The first thing that struck me was the blusher and how nice it was, glad you liked it too. Great results.

  2. Ooo this all sounds so luxurious! I've not tried these products before :).


  3. I should really pop along and see what they'd recommend for me. After giving birth my skin is like paper. I really need a good pamper :)

    1. honestly, get yourself down to Fenwicks, it's only like a 15 minute treatment but i'd definitely recommend going! x


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