The Vermont Hotel Photoshoot

Hi guys && happy bank holiday Monday!
Today I'm showing you a cheeky little behind the scene of a photoshoot I did not too long ago && a few final images. 
So, we were shooting on the sky lounge terrace of the Vermont Hotel in Newcastle. As you can see from the photo above it has an absolutely cracking view over the Gateshead quayside && we had a rainbow to pop out and say hi!!

So this is my usual set up for Photoshoots. I try not to overload with equipment && my set up usually stays this tidy for about 5 seconds!! I have every hairdresser essential && nothing more!!

Next were the clothing and accessories to have a peak at. The lovely ladies from love niche clothing, were very kind to loan us some items to play around with for the day. Look at all the beautiful colours!

Now this was my magpie to shiny object moment. Holy moly; look how beautiful this chandelier is! I seriously want one of these at home!!!
If you follow me on Instagram && see my tagged photos you will now see that everything is tagged #shorthairdresserproblems
Yes, that is me on the left. The girl in the middle is 8 years younger than me and look at that height difference!!! 
High five to all the small size packaged ladies out there!!
So after a long photoshoot, some digestive biscuits && lots of laughs we got some amazing images out of the bag!!
Here's a few to have a look at, I have to say the last photo is definitely my favourite. 

Model - Harriotte Lane
Photographer - Hannah Todd
Hairstylist - Myself 
Make up artist - Vanessa Summers
Location ; the Vermont hotel, Newcastle 

What an amazing team!!
Hopefully we'll have some cool Photoshoots coming up that I can share with you guys!

Lots of love
- Zotonixe