If Money Wasn't An Object | Wishlist

Happy Thursday Guys!
So i've been seeing loooadddsss of bloggers doing 'Wishlists' on their blogs && i thought, why not give it a whirl.
Now if money wasn't an object in real life, I'd be in a yacht, in bora bora drinking pina coladas with my bestie. But unfortunately i'm in Newcastle, at home drinking a cup of tea. 
So what would i wish for??
iMac 27-inch £1,449.00
Now I'm currently using my MacBook Pro && i've had it quite a while but i just fancy swapping to an iMac. It would be so much better for blogging && editing. Then i can have an actual 'office space' in my house! Bonus!!!

Olympus Pen E-PL7 - £499.00

Can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful this camera is?! ugh, i need this in my life. Imagine how amazing my Instagrams would be?! None of this half-good stuff. They would be the bomb!

NARS NARSissist L'Amour Eyeshadow Palette £55.00
I feel like i need this palette in my life. I would actually use all 12 shades. Some of these are matte and some are shimmer based. I think it's super cute. I never really use NARS so i think this would be a perfect introduction to my collection.

Jane Iredale Lip Crayons - £11.75
Now these aren't exactly pricey but i literally want every shade && in total that's gonna cost me like £82.25. Also how beautiful is the packaging. I absolutely love Jane Iredale, some of the stuff is super affordable but it's definitely more a high end brand.

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit - £65
Ugh it's just so beautiful. In all fairness if I actually bought this, i wouldn't want to use it && ruin it. Hourglass always have the most beautiful products ever.

Mulberry Oxblood Ostrich & Silky Classic Calf Tote - £2,500

I am literally obsessed with anything Mulberry creates. because they are timeless pieces. (I swear by the time i'm 40 i want one of every bag i love regardless of price) Obviously i don't have a spare £2.5k lying around to buy a bag. But look at the colour. It's perfect!!!

Valentino 'Love Latch' Ankle-Strap Pumps £705
Valentino always seem to make the most beautiful shoes. Now i'm pretty sure i'd be able to get a hughstreet version of these but i'm absolutely in love. I don't normally like scrappy shoes but i think these are done so nicely. Unfortunately i'd never wear them down the nightclubs in Newcastle. These would be special occasion only!
There's my if money wasn't an object wishlist. That was actually a lot harder than i thought, because lets be honest i could write down everything i want and that could take weeks to do! Now if you do wanna buy me a present here's a huge list of what i want. Obviously don't buy me like the iMac, i'd die. Ha! So what's on your Wishlist??