Grounded Body Scrub | Review

Hey guys!!
Today i have another review of a product i got sent recently. I was lucky enough to be asked to review the Grounded Body Scrub.
I've seen loads of bloggers && celebrities trying it so I was super excited when the postman dropped it off.

The one i got sent through was the Chocolate Orange Body Scrub.
The first thing when opening the package its the smell. Ugh, it is literally like smelling a Terry's Chocolate Orange; I wanted to eat it. Like i wish smellovision was a thing because you would be in heaven right now.
I'm gonna put this in now, obviously don't consume the product, it aint gonna be good for you.
After enjoying the smell for like 3 minutes i had a look at what the product actually contained. It has orange oil && cacao which is where it gets the most amazing smell in the world. It also has brown sugar & Himalayan rock salt to scrub away any dead or flaky skin. Any scrub is going to be quite drying to the skin so GBS have put in vitamin E oil && cold pressed almond oil to keep the skin hydrated.  Of course, this is a coffee based scrub so it has robusta coffee beans, which makes this scrub a little rougher in texture than your standard body scrub. Now i'm not a massive coffee fan so i was a little apprehensive trying this.
So i ran myself a bubble bath whilst i attempted to apply this!
The one thing i would advise it apply this over a sink otherwise it's gonna go all over your floor && it aint gonna be nice to walk on.
I followed the instructions to just dampen my face with warm water and apply in circular motions.
I sort of threw it on my face && it didn't end well so do a little bit at a time.
I then hopped in the bath && left it on for 10-15 minutes.
When it came to removing the product it was surprisingly easy to get off the skin, where usually you have to fight with a face scrub to come off.
I'm not even joking, my skin feels glorious. I also smell of chocolate orange which is an added bonus. (ps. I keep asking people to smell my face)
It doesn't retail at the cheapest price at £15 per 200g bag. However i would say it is completely worth splashing out on. I'm gonna treat myself to a bag on payday && trust me when i say a little goes a long way. Grounded body scrub also have a competition running, take a selfie with the scrub on & show which one you've tried.

Have you tried the body scrubs? What's your favourite one?


  1. Great post. I really want to try one of these scrubs - you've convinced me! I love chocolate orange too, I'd be so tempted to eat it! Hope you have a great week.
    Zoe Beau. xxx


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