Sunday Special Review - Pitch Perfect 2

Hey guys!
So it's that time of the week again for another review.
This week is a film, Pitch Perfect 2!
It came out in cinemas in the UK on friday 15th may.

A quick background on this.
The first movie came out back in 2012 and the story follows the freshman Beca as
 she starts as Barden University & later joins and all girls acapella group.
It has catchy songs and is a really good comedy.
Fast forward 3 years and here we are with Pitch Perfect 2

Now usually with sequel movies, i always find that none are as good as the 
first movie, but with a cast involving Anna Kendrick & Rebel Wilson;
 it was bound to be amazing.

Me and few friends went to go see it earlier on today, and we we're all expecting big things
from this movie.
i don't want to give any spoilers away with it being a recent movie, but it has a slight
 something that most people will be able to relate with,
along side the amazing song choices,witty comments & the everything apacella.
By the way you will end up saying aca-scuse me? && aca-believe it in really life after 
seeing these films.
You do leave the cinema on an absolute high; which i never really get with movies.

For me personally, i feel like the first film was best. It had a new feel to it, it was 
freshman year in the film. With a sequel i kind of wanted a little bit more out the movie.

Have any of you guys been to see this yet?
what did you think?
Lots of love
- Zotonixe