Fat Buddha Newcastle

Hey guys!
I've been working stupidly long hours so haven't had a chance to blog for a while.
I couldn't think of a better way to get back into it than doing a little review on a restaurant i've recently been to.
After all the work i've been doing it was about time me and a few friends got together and had a girls night. We decided to go to Fat Buddha, which is a favourite of ours.
Now if you've never been to Fat Buddha - get yourself down.
Its an asian style bar and kitchen, with an amazing drinks menu and food menu.

My first drink of the evening was a mango and passionfruit daiquiri. I'm not a massive daiquri fan but it was so smooth and the fruit was amazing. This is now definitely one of my favourite drinks!
We're the sort of friends where we order loads of food and throw it into the middle of the table.
Starters have arrived!
We ordered the the Dim Sum Platter. This included steamed prawn har gau dumplings & pork shumai with chilli dip - Amazing!!
We also got the Fat Buddha deluxe platter. This was a mix of satay chicken skewers, salt and chilli baby ribs, duck samosa & vegetable spring rolls - Yum!
(writing this post is making me ridiculously hungry for asian food right now!)
And finally we got the crispy duck with crispy pancakes.
Starters done! Can you think we ordered more food?? OH YES WE DID!

Mains time!
Again we just ordered different things and popped them all in the middle, here's what we ordered.
I'm going to start with my favourite and i order this everytime i come to Fat buddha & it is a buddha favourite. It's the honey chilli chicken with garlic, spring onion and chilli - honestly, if you go to Fat Buddha you really need to try this!
We also got the steamed salmon with teriyaki sauce and sesame seeds...
pork kakuni which is slow braised pork belly with sweet potato & park choi. This literally falls aparts and it's fatty whatsoever.
Finally we got the chilli black bean beef - this definately had a kick to it!
For the sides we ordered egg fried rice and garlic diced potatoes.
To say we couldn't move from overeating was definitely an understatement but was completely worth it!
We ended the night with some cocktails.
i would definitely recommend trying the chinese garden cocktail. It's super refreshing and perfect for a hot summers day.
Ending the perfect evening with these guys!
We couldn't resist having a cheeky photo with the buddha himself as we left.

If you've never tried it, you really need to get yourself down to Fat Buddha - it's definitely worth it.
The one we visited was at 55 degrees north, just near mosley street in newcastle upon tyne city centre.
If you have been to Fat Buddha, what would you recommend trying?

Lots of love
- Zotonixe


  1. I love the Pad Thai from fat buddha! it's amazing! I really want to try the honey chilli chicken!

    1. Honestly, the honey chilli chicken is the best thing ever! Get yourself to Fat Buddha asap! if only they did delivery!!! x


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