Make Up Collection | Lips Pt.1

So to kickstart February and month of beauty i couldn't think of a better way than to start with my lip balm/lip crayon/ lip gloss collection. This may take a while.
Over the years i have became more and more obsessed with lip products. If I'm in a drugstore i can't resist and walk away with three new lipsticks or lip crayons.
No - i'm not ashamed, i always have sassy lips!
i'm going to break this down into lip balms, lip gloss, lip balm & lip crayons. i will link up all products so if you do want to purchase you can :)

Lipbalm collection
So now i am a little embarrassed and how little my lip balm collection is. I only ever use lip balms onto of lipstick or during the spring time.  My real only one i've always used is my giant tub of vaseline, but you guys don't need me to show you that!
The ones i'm going to show you is from a brand called Maskitec. Now they've been featured a little in a previous blog (link to that post).
Kerry is the owner of maskitec and all products are handmade.
I have one in the shade Sunset Citrus & the other is Sherbet Fizz. I love these! perfect for just popping on or putting over lipsticks.
Maskitec Sunset Citrus & Sherbet Fizz

Lipgloss collection 
Next is lip glosses. Again - my collection is slightly lacking. But these three i use all of the time and are perfect for the summer.
The first one is a classic by Soap & Glory which is the sexy mother pucker lipgloss in the shade pink apricot. I love this. I first started using this at the age of about 14 (yes, that was a long time ago) and i've just continued purchasing it.
The next is a colour works lipgloss. I use this over coral lipsticks are it has the most amazing shimmer ever. I'm unsure if this is still in production.
Finally last summer i couldn't resist and purchased the Rimmel Apocalips lip lacquer in the shade 500 Luna. It's an intense coral colour - perfect for summer.
Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker - Pink Apricot
Colour works lipgloss
Rimmel London Apocalips - 500 Luna

Lip crayon collection

Finally lip crayons. I only really fell into using lip crayons about 4/5 months ago - hence why i only have a few. But now i'm using them i'm starting to think i prefer them to lipstick!
My most recent purchase was the Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon in the shade Notice Me Nude. This is a perfect colour and i use for work when i have bold eyes.
Next is the MUR Wow stick in the shade call me. Again this has featured in a previous blog (Make up revolution haul). This a pillar box red - perfect for getting your lips noticed.
The last one I'm still very unsure about. Again from make up revolution but in the shade Maria. it's a deep red/purple. Maybe more of a winter colour

Left to Right
Avon Ultra Colour Lip Crayon - Notice Me Nude
Make Up Revolution Wow Stick - Call Me
Make Up Revolution Wow Stick - Maria

So there you go guys, there's the beginning of my make up collection.
A few favourites in there. Next blog will be featuring all of my lipsticks so make sure you keep watching :)


  1. I am going to have to try some of these out. I am just now trying my hand at different lippies.


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