Make Up Collection | Lips Pt.2

Hi guys!
So heres the big one, my lipstick collection. I have gradually added to my collection over about a year. This time 2 year ago i had about 5 lipsticks; now look at them all!
don't worry my lipstick buying isn't at an end as i have just ordered some online to review!
 the easiest way to do this is break it down into colours: 
dark red/purples

Pink Shades
So my pink shades are my usual everyday lipstick for work.
My favourite out of these are the Laura Paige no.55 dusky rose && rimmel london kate moss no. 03.
These are beautiful rich tones && look awesome all year round.

Pink Shades
Left To Right
Avon - Pink Cuddle
Laura Paige - no.115 Lily
Laura Paige - no.55 Dusky Rose
Rimmel Colour Sensation - no.108 Pink Pearl
Rimmel Kate Moss - no.03

Coral/ Pink Shades
These are my spring/summer lipsticks so i'm super looking forward to wearing these again in the next few months. My favourite out of these is the Essence long lasting in the shade no.01 coral calling. This is a super vibrant coral lipstick which stays all day!
Coral/ Pink Shades

Top to bottom
Avon - Make Out Red
Essence Long Lasting - No.01 Coral Calling
Make Up Revolution - Luscious
Barry M - LP145 Punky Pink

Red Shades
I am a sucker for red lipsticks. These add a pop of colour all year round. I've struggled to pick a favourite out of these but I think i'm going to have to pick the Collection lasting colour in the shade no.12 valentine. It's a super rich, pillar box red lipstick - it's so beautiful!
Red Shades

Top to Bottom
Laura Paige - no.32 Really Red
Make Up Revolution - Reckless
Loreal Paris - S502 True Red
Mac Matte - Ruby Woo
Collection Lasting Colour - no.12 Valentine

Purple/ Dark Red Shades
Usually purples and dark red tones are worn throughout winter- throw that rule book out the window. I honestly think these look perfect all year round!
At the moment my favourites are Avon in the shade matte grape && Seventeen Stay Pout rule breaker.
Purple/ Dark Red Shades

Top to Bottom
Laura Paige - no.52 Lilac Shimmer
Avon - Matte Grape
Make Up Revolution 'Vamp Shade' - Rebel With Cause
Laura Paige - no.149 Majestic Orchid
Seventeen Stay Pout - Rule Breaker
Rimmel Kate Moss - no.107

So that's it guys, my lipstick collection!
I do hope to expand this throughout the year & I'm sure another blog will go up.
Let me know what you think of my collection && any lipsticks you'd recommend buying!

What are your favourite Lipsticks/Brands? Let me know in the comments

Lots of love