Hello February - Why you are my favourite

Hi guys!
 HELLO February! 
this is one of my favourite months for several reasons this year so i'd like to share with you.
my birthday falls in this month 
groundhog day - we're celebrating the foredooming spring!
valentines day for all the lovers out there
AND i move house this month

So yeah, I'm guessing this month is going to be good for me.
As i've been doing a lot of reviews on my blog, I thought it was time to share my personal make up, beauty & hair collection so all you guys can see what the face of Zotonixe uses on a daily basis.
I'll be blogging as much as i can in a week on my favourite products & linking them up so if you like - you can go buy.

With the house move; i do apologise now if my blogs don't go up on time - this is a crazy exciting time for me!
i'm sure there will be an IKEA haul at some points, because lets me honest that place is amazing

Well readers, have a wonderful day and we'll be blogging soon

Much Love