Skin Chemists Pro-5 Collagen Bee Venom Moisturiser

I'm sure Skin Chemists is a brand you've seen floating around for a while and like me - never tried anything, until now. I'm always looking for new products to try and add into my skincare regime.

Skin Chemists is a brand I've seen around for a few years, with a lot of people giving it a glowing review. So I've been intrigued by their weird and wonderful products.
I got chatting to the company** and they very Kindly sent me some products out to try. Once I had picked which products I wanted to try I was kept up to date. with the delivery process and the product arrived pretty quickly.

I received the Pro-5 Collagen Bee Venom Day Moisturiser
Now I've never known a product that has been venom in it - yes you heard me correct, BEE VENOM. So as you can imagine I was very skeptical/scared to use this product. Do I really want to feel like I've got 10000s bees stinging me all at once???
So what does it claim to do??
This product is meant to help smooth, hydrate and tone all skin types - so far so good.
I then looked into the ingredients a little deeper. Bee venom is meant to aim to reduce appearance of lines and wrinkles. It also has hyaluronic acid in which is meant to moisturise the skin to leave it looking smoother, softer and radiantly hydrated. 
Okay I'm definitely sold now because that sounds amazing. 
I do have to state that you MUST skin test 24hrs before use. If you have an allergy to bees DO NOT USE.
Skin test done - no allergy occurred so we're good to go. The instructions of use are to apply in the morning after cleansing but before your serum. I applied a small amount on my fingers and rubbed all over my face obviously avoided the eye area. It's a weird sensation once applied. It feels like it brings to blood to the surface of your skin - definitely making it feel plumper. You're skin feels a lot more hydrated and smooth - perfect for this cold winter time.
I've had this product about 6 weeks now so I've had a good try of it, I haven't used it everyday as I don't think my skin needs it daily. but when I feel my skin needs a little extra TLC I pop this out on a morning.
The Pro-5 Collagen Bee Venom Day Moisturiser retails at £44.50 for 50ml. Now that does sound pricey but for how much product you actually need I don't think that's a bad price.
I'm gonna keep trying this over the coming months and ill keep you guys updated on how I get on with the product.

** This blog post is sponsored by Skin Chemists, however all my opinions are my own