Doing something for you...

Hey guys.
This is gonna be a bit of a different post from me today, this is gonna turn into like a story.
So i got a message on Facebook from a girl i knew years ago about how she also wanted to become a make up artist and started asking about how i got into the industry && how people reacted to my choices.
Now this got me thinking about myself and my life. As you'll know outside of the blogosphere i am a hairdresser by trade and work freelance, but it was never that simple.

Most of you won't know this about me but when i was younger i was a dance kid, i danced pretty much every day then at like 14 years old i joined the cheerleading squad && competed for a few years. I worked my butt off everyday sometimes dancing for 4-5 hours at a time then 3 hour cheer practice twice a week, i was stupidly committed. I had the support of a lot of friends and girls in the school who thought i would dance forever.
I attended an all girls high school so you can imagine the competition to constantly look the best! thats when i started to fall in love with hair & make up, if we had a competition the girls would ask me to do their hair. Even my friends would ask me to do their hair and make up && i loved it.
Leading up to leaving high school where they ask you that almighty question
what you going to do now? 
If i'm perfectly honest, i think it's wrong to ask any 16 year old kid what they're going to do for the rest of their life. And thats when i knew, i wanted to be a hairdresser. Now that didn't go down to well, people make assumptions about hairdressers that we're stupid, that it's a pointless career. At the time it was crushing.
So going off to college i originally enrolled on performing arts thinking that's what i should be doing after years of dance && training. After doing my audition i realised it wasn't what i wanted to do, i wanted to cut hair. Which, not gonna lie, came as a shock to a lot of people,
 I got a lot of the you'll never make a career out of that.
Being the strong headed person i am, i switched courses to hairdressing and the rest is history.
At the age of 17 i started freelancing and began working in the photographic industry, which i'm not gonna like wasn't easy. I have fought tooth and nail to get to where i am today && yeah i'm damn proud.

If you ever want to change what you're doing, regardless of what people think, do it. You need to do it for you && you only.
Nomatter what we do, there's always gonna be someone judging you, so why not make it something you enjoy?
Even in the blogging world, i know how long i put off starting a blog out of fear. I want to start a vlog later this year && i know a lot of people are skeptical about this, but screw it. This is my life.
You can do anything you set your mind to && you are your only reason not to.

Just remember if it doesn't work out at least you tried right?
I know for me i'd rather have a life of oh wells than what ifs
Go do something for you - close your eyes && jump
i promise it will be worth it!!

Lots of love
- Zotonixe


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