Day Trip To Tynemouth Market

It's a very rare occasion for me to have a Sunday completely to myself and have nothing to do. I took this perfect opportunity to go to Tynemouth Market.
Now if you live anywhere in the North East of England i'm almost positive you've heard someone mention this delightful place.
Tynemouth Market is held every weekend at Tynemouth metro station where hundreds of stalls gather to sell anything from homemade foods, vintage clothing to cute trinkets.

I am been way over due a trip here. i love the chilled out vibe and the people are so cool. 
Not only is the station massive but the glass roof is beautiful, I love this place!

It's somewhere I never go for anything in particular; just a wander, a little mooch and hope to pick up a bargain or two.
Here's some snaps of what's on offer.
Candles in wine glasses; what more could a girl want?!

Beads; perfect for anyone who loves crafts

I picked up more bath bombs than a girl could need! I bought some treats for myself including cakes and Onion Chutney which is delicious.

Afterwards we had a walk down to the priory, feeding some seagulls and watched the surfers over King Edwards Bay.

I would say it was a perfect sunday afternoon!