A Little Spot Of Shopping

So after work I ended up meeting a friend for dinner. We haven't caught up in ages so it was the perfect chance to go to Nandos. Yum. Chicken !!
Afterwards we decided to have a quick peek through the shopping centre

My first purchase were these monochrome slim leg trousers from New Look. 

Now because I'm quite curvy and have muscley thighs I'm never one to experiment so I live in jeans or leggings. I spotted these on the sale rail and knew I had to try them on. I completely fell in love with them. 
This season I'm loving patterns and these are no exception!
They are perfect for dinner dates, nights out or casual and I'm all about versatility. I got them for a bargain of £12 in the sale

Our next stop was at boots. Now usually I'm quite fussy when it comes to makeup however I am a total sucker for natural collection. They currently have an offer on of 2 for £3.50 so I couldn't resist. I bought myself a cream cover up concealer in the shade fair and a mascara in black. 

Our final stop was of course Lush. The one thing I love about lush products is that they are free from animal testing.

I managed to restrain myself from buying more than two! The first one I bought is twilight. 

This is an old favourite of mine and always make sure I pick one up. This bath bomb has a beautiful lavender scent so is perfect after a stressful week in the salon. 

The second one I bought was sephira 

I've never used this bomb before but you can tell why I purchased it. LOOK AT THOSE COLOURS ITS SO PRETTY!
I'm actually really looking forward to trying this one!

So that's my mini after work haul. I can't wait to go autumn shopping!!!


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