SkinKissed Vitamin C Serum

The beauty industry can be quite a daunting place for anyone who's looking for some new products to try out and I'm no exception to it. I've found myself trawling through beauty products having no clue what the big fancy words mean and not buying them out of pure fear for what I'm putting on my skin. Now the biggest thing in the industry at the moment is hyaluronic acid, yes it is acid, no it's not the kind of acid you're thinking of!!!

I've got a couple of serums in my collection but the SkinKissed Vitamin C has became an absolute holy grail for me.
Firstly can we just talk about the packaging?! It's so minimalist but looks so luxurious with the black and gold. With a glass dropper inside you can't fault their classy packaging. It has a couple of the ingredients printed on the front and on the bottom it states 'made in the UK' - I have a thing for products made in the UK so this makes me happy.
Okay what's actually in this serum?! you read all these fancy ingredients but have no clue what they do? let's break it down and see what we've got!
 Vitamin C is a potent anti-oxidant && can help increase the production of collagen, keeping the skin healthy and younger looking. It also reduces melanin production - giving skin a brighter appearance.
Hyaluronic Acid kind of acts like a sponge for your skin. It helps draw water into the skin keeping it hydrated. It also keeps collagen synthesis up - helping the skin look youthful and retaining elasticity. It helps heal & reduce the appearance of wounds, burns, skin ulcers & those pesky acne scars.

So if you mix these two ingredients together the skin is going to look amazing. Another thing to add is this product is 100% cruelty free - no testing on animals.

What's my skin like? I have combination skin - a super oily t-zone but really dry elsewhere. I also have some acne scarring && a couple of hormonal breakouts (these suckers are the worst! they never seem to leave my face!)
I have quite a decent skincare routine so all I did was replace my normal serum with this one for a couple of weeks to see how I got on.
I used this twice daily (morning & evening) during my skincare routine before I moisturised. The first thing I noticed was how lightweight the product was - not like a lot of serums out there. You instantly feel the benefit of this as my skin felt like silk after applying. I let it soak in fully before applying my moisturiser. It also has a slight scent to it - I hate anything too fragranced.
After a couple of days I noticed my skin felt a lot more hydrated, making my makeup sit a lot better on my skin. It also reduced the bumps under my skin where old spots had been, it feels super smooth.
I've now been using this product for about a month and it's definitely slotted into my daily skincare routine. I've also tried using this as a primer underneath my foundation and it works surprisingly well, just make sure you only use a little bit as a small amount goes a long way.

I'm certainly will be repurchasing this for myself and my mam as I think she'd love this for her skin. If you're wanting to try this out for yourself head over to their website Skinkissed and for a 20ml bottle it's £29.95 - yes a little on the pricier side but so worth it!!!