GET FIT: Week Two

Hey guys!
So as you may have seen on my previous blog post I'm taking part in a 14 in 4 fitness challenge.
My second week is now done, I can't believe how quickly it has gone but heres how it went -

Monday - Day 8
First day of week two and I'm feeling super pumped. I think seeing that I had actually lost weight gave me the confidence and extra motivation I needed. I'm going to be adding extra workouts in throughout the week to see what my body can do. I went along to my usual Monday night class and circuit training is the devil's doing. I think I may have pulled a muscle in my groin so I had to switch up some of the workouts but I felt pretty good when I finished. I now can't listen to the song 'Roxanne'. I also keep forgetting to take a protein shake with me - probably doesn't help.

Tuesday - Day 9
Today I hurt like hell. It's hard when your job consists of you on your feet all day. I've struggled with the amount of food to eat, I'm finding it hard to eat it all. I know that sounds stupid but when you go from eating maybe two meals a day to three meals & two snacks its hard. The bloating is bad too. I'm glad today is a rest day because I am shattered

Wednesday - Day 10
I'm feeling so much more alive in myself today. I've had the day off work so I've had time to chill out, recover from Monday && eat some food. Last week I only managed to go to two training sessions so I made sure I went along to Wednesday's class. Holy cow, I sweated out of places I didn't even think you could sweat from. But you know what, I absolutely loved it! We done a 'matrix circuit' && as hard as it was, I made sure I gave it everything I had.

Thursday - Day 11
I am super sore today. Last night I worked my ass off and I'm paying for it today. Luckily it's my day off work so I can chill out a little bit more. Ive had a day of admin to do all day so I've tried to keep active when I can but with my email/work load at the moment its hard. I've kept a massive bottle of water on my desk and this killer berry smoothie (you need to try these they're amazing!!)
Friday - Day 12
Feeling a little less sore today. Boxing tonight and I really struggled within myself. I think on Monday night I pulled a muscle in my hip/crotch area so during part of the workout I struggled with the pain. Claire was great enough to give me an alternative exercise instead of forcing me to do that one exercise. I feel beaten today, it's definitely a down day for me.
Saturday - Day 13
I think it's hard trying to juggle an eating plan whilst working in the city centre, there is far too much temptation around. I had fish and broccoli for my lunch, I feel like I need a bit of flavour with it, it's starting to take a toll on my moods.

Sunday - Day 14
Mother Nature is definitely on her way. I feel so bloated and lethargic today it is not fun. It was quite a quiet day at work so that helped slightly. However I had a berry smoothie for breakfast && that gave me the sugar fix I was definitely craving. If my period is due I feel like I may struggle with the eating plan because I am a binge junk eater on my period!

Week Two Weigh In
So week two is completely done. I've had my weigh in and I'm 1lbs up this week. I'm feeling super bloated && I think Mother Nature is due a visit so that isn't helpingg.  I'm definitely looking forward to the next results, it's definitely made me more optimistic.

Total weight loss - 6lbs
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