GET FIT: 14 IN 4 challenge

2017 brings a new year && with every new year brings New Years resolutions. I'm not usually one to  make any, if I do I never stick to them anyways. So I thought this year I would make some resolutions && attempt to stick to them.
My resolution for definite this year - get fit.
I used to be a lot fitter, as a kid I danced && cheered so that kept me super fit. Then I got lazy.
I got chatted to the ladies at GET FIT && they offered me their program.

What is it?
14 in 4 is exactly what it says on the tin. Through a controlled eating plan & workout classes, you aim to lose 14lbs in 4 weeks. Now you won't necessarily lose the full 14lbs but this is a pathway into getting there for definate. 

GET FIT aim?
To get everyday people into a healthy way of exercing and eating clean food. Something that the whole family can join in on. To show that healthy isn't just boring or expensive, they want it to be family friendly and cost efficient. The plan is a gateway to a healthy way of living, as they say 'AFTER 21 DAYS OF CLEAN EATING IT BECOMES A HABIT' 

The trainers?
Nicci & Claire have both tried everything under the sun in the weightless catalogue, they know there is no quick fix  && that's what they want to show. It's not just a quick fix this is a long term result.
Nicci is an expert in rehabilitation & pilates, where Claire is a qualified gym instructor. So with the two you are getting the best of both.

I'm going to be keeping a weekly diary style blog post on my progress so far && how I'm coping. At the end of my four weeks I will also be posting photos and my weight loss results. I'm going to be 100% honest with my ups, my downs, my meals etc.
If you're interested yourself GET FIT are holding an orientation night on Wednesday 25th January at 7.30pm
Walbottle Institute
The Green 
Newcastle Upon Tyne
NE15 8JE

If you do want to check out their Facebook, just click the link && have a look
GET FIT Facebook