RUB Smokehouse with ELLEfluence

Now you might have seen loads of bloggers talking about ELLEfluence. Laura is the lady in charge && she organises some amazing events for bloggers in the North East. Before you carry on reading I definatly recommend checking it out && signing up for some cool opportunities.
Laura very kindly invited me to some events spread over two evenings so this is the first one.
Rub Smokehouse
RUB is upstairs in the Gate, Newcastle where they offer a selection of smokehouse food && a huge range of cocktails. Food && cocktails got my attention so I was super excited about this event. Blogging squad assembled, a few of us headed along where we had a huge group photo taken - it was lovely to see some new faces at the event && what other way to make friends then to squash in for a photo together.
Once in we were seated, handed a cocktail & left to natter whilst getting everyone in. The guys at RUB then talked us through the plan for the evening. Each table was a team && we had to recreate some classic cocktails. Safe to say we weren't very good at it. You could definitely see the competitive nature come out in a lot of people (Yes Kay, this includes you!).

It was such a good laugh  attempting to get the drinks right. We didn't win once, but I think er had the most fun that night. Our final task was to create our own signature cocktail. Obviously I thought I was the Jamie Oliver of the cocktail making world && just started throwing spirits in the mixer. It definitely did not taste great!With the help of the others we somehow salvaged it and make a not so bad drink, if you like a lot of rum that is!!
(I don't think I'll be switching careers to a cocktail maker anytime soon)
I also got my favourite cocktail Pina Colada && it was one of the best Pina coladas I've ever had! One of the guys on our table got stung with a tequila shot for our terrible attempt at cocktail making && by the photo below you can see I timed the photo perfectly!
No blogging event is complete without food. Especially being in a smokehouse I was super excited to see what they had to offer us. Our night was topped with some proper grub. Burgers, loaded nachos, veggie burritos and pigs in blankets - yes I know, you're hungry reading this (sorry not sorry). I'm not usually a fan of nachos but these were so good, I could have ate a lot more. I'm definitely gonna have to check out what else they have on the menu.

The night ended on getting some photos, attempted to catch up with everyone && just generally having such a good night. Of course I went along with my two favourite people so we had to get some selfies together!
As you imagine by the end of the two nights I was knackered but it was well worth it. Like I mentioned at the beginning of the post - go && get yourself signed up to ELLEfluence. All the details you need are below....