Cosy Nights, Fairy Lights && Tasty Bites

It's definitely that time of year where the nights are getting darker, the crisp air && cable knit jumpers come out to play. Especially in those few days between Christmas & New Year.
Personally, I absolutely love this time of year && it's the perfect excuse to get out the winter wardrobe and indulge in a cozy night in. I don't think you can beat having a girls cosy night in, so i dragged my best friend along to show you what we love to do.
No cosy night is complete without a film to watch. It can be whatever genre you want- if you're feeling really brave, throw a horror on. I prefer to find a classic film i know I love and get all cuddled up to watch it. Some of my favourite movies to watch around this time of year are:
top left 500 Days of Summer - top right Hocus Pocus
middle left When Harry Met Sally - middle right The Breakfast Club
bottom left Silver Linings Playbook - bottom right Good Will Hunting
Candles/ Fairy Lights
You can't have a cosy night in without some festive lighting. Whether it's your favourite candle or flicking on some fairy lights, the ambient lightening definitely makes the room feel a lot cosier which is perfect for those colder nights. I like to have a mix of coloured lights && some warm neutral, it can give a plain bedroom like mine such a cool vibe. I do like a little few candles lit, this time of year I love anything vanilla, lavender && winter.
Blankets/ Cosy Pjs
I'm a sucker for big duvets & blankets, so this is like heaven to me. I always have a spare blanket or two lying around near my bed. Even if you don't have a blanket, find your cosiest clothes/pjs && throw them on. As long as I'm snuggled under a duvet I am one happy girl.
Feast of food
Snacks are an essential to have out for a cosy night in. Sometimes i like to go for a soup, clutching a mug of warm sweet potato soup is my idea of heaven. You may want a selection of nibbles like nuts, fruit && crudités. At the moment i am loving having camembert with crusty bread && olives. It warms the soul && you can snack on it all night long.
I'm not saying you can't have a cosy night in with your own company but there's something about having someone to share it with. Whether it's your partner, your best friend or a sibling, having someone to cosy up with can make it so much more enjoyable. And if you're feeling really social invite a whole bunch of people over, get everyone to bring a movie/snacks && commence the cosy night binge session (these are my favourite). If not, grab your cat/dog, put your feet up && enjoy!

What do you do for the perfect cosy night in?? 
Also what films do you like to watch this time of year??


  1. Cosy nights in are my favourite, especially at this time of year! And you can't beat nights in with your girl friends! Great post! x


  2. omg yess! i love this post. Cosy nights are just the best. I have fairy lights all around in my room and they make me feel so much more relaxed as well as having candles. I mean, I LOVE candles and they help so much with my mood and make me feel so comfortable and relaxed. I love this post hun! x

  3. Aww I love being cosy in Winter! Have to have all the candles burning and fairy lights on!

    Tiffany x


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