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Hey guys
So you may have seen a few weeks back I got invited along to Science Bar Newcastle to trial their new cocktail menu. 
I was super excited to go because it's a bar I would usually drink in and I found out that my blogging bestie 'The Original Redhead' had been invited along too. 
We headed along to science bar where we were greeted with a Black cherry Bellini which was so tasty! The staff then told us about the new menus. Every drink related to scifi or something science related so I was super excited as I'm a bit of a nerd. 

The first cocktail we were given was the 'Pasteur'. This drink was based on antibiotics and micro organisms. This was quite a strong drink for me, could definitely taste the gin. It has egg whites in it so me and few other bloggers we're laughing saying you could have this as a pre-workout before the gym.

The next one was the 'Newton'. He was the guy who had the theory of gravity. So the drink was based on the apple falling from the tree. It's a twist on a 1930s cocktail, it tasted like a lemon drop but with apple and caramel. I really liked this. It was super refreshing. 
The 'Feynman' was the next drink & i thought it was really cool because it was served in a beaker. Now Feynman was famous for his work with atomic bombs and the Manhattan Project and thats where this drink got it's inspiration. With a test tube containing 63% rum you can shot it or drop it in so becomes like a jäger bomb. This was actually super tasty. 
'Asimov' was next up, he's not a scientist but known for his work with biochemistry. Now the look and smell of this was amazing. Anything cherry flavoured and i'm there. This was definitely my favourite drink of the entire evening. 
The next drink is 'Bill Nye' who is known for his work with global warming. This is basically an old school Coke float and it's meant to melt like polar ice caps. This drink was super sweet, more like a dessert but would be perfect in the summer. 
This drink is called the 'Darwin' && of course his work with the theory of evolution. This drink looked so appetising as it had Cola cubes on the top of the drink. It tastes like old school cola cubes and the ginger beer hides the taste of alcohol.
This one I was super unsure of. It's called the 'Galileo' arriving on the table it was jet black as it has squid ink and Tequila in it. It pretty much tasted like salty tequila. Inside is a ball that looks like planet earth and the drink is the black cosmos. The little ball is made of  Lime peel lime juice and blue Curaçao.
Everyone knows who 'Einstein' is && his work. Apparently he was a big fan of the Pina Colada so this drink is a tropical Pina Colada with Pale Ale. The drink has a big white head just like Einstein. For me the pale ale is strong but get a hint of pina colada.

That's all the science drinks and the next menu is all sci-fi related.

First up, the 'Super soldier serum' which is what makes Captain America to make him muscly. It was like a Woo Woo crossed with a Cosmo and a kick of red bull. The drink was red and blue with a star for his uniform. Very sweet, kind of tastes like ice pops and you can't taste alcohol. It would be too easy to get drunk off this.  
Next the 'Kryptonite Daiquiri'. This is the strongest drink on the menu. It has Monster Energy drink it and has b vitimans. When we got served this drink they lit alcohol and poured over. It's super cool because this drink will flow under uv lights. 
If you're a fan of Breaking Bad I think you'll like the 'Walter White' this drink is the Best seller and the sweetest cocktail on the menu. Super creamy and thick with coconut syrup. It is a yoghurt based drink so I think this is one that'd take a while to finish it. As you can see by the photo below this drink looked insane.
'The dark side' I don't think this menu would be complete without a Star Wars related drink. It literally tasted like black jack sweets with my favourite Black Sambuca. It always came with glow stick so you can have light saber fight.  
The famous 'Doc Brown' from Back to Future. It has Cachaca rum in it which is bad rum. In Brazil it's cheaper than water. It also had a big lump of candy floss on the top which made me feel like a massive child again.  
The next one was 'Fleeb Juice'. Just looking at this drink it looked amazing! On the top you have berry caviar, which was super refreshing. This is a  deconstructed aviation 30s drink. It sort of tasted like parma violet sweets with very strong gin.
'Agent Coulson' was what were we're given next. This is like a white chocolate martini with white chocolate and absolute vanilla. It wasn't overly sweet but definately packed a punch. Bonus - edible flowers.
The last drink is for the gamers out there, the 'Deku Deku' which is the forest in the Legend of Zelda. This was a sweet drink with a punch. It was a rich nutty taste & you could taste the Jim Bean quite strong. 
After all that I definately felt a little on the fuzzy side. It was a lovely evening and the perfect chance to network with other bloggers. I'm definately looking forward to the next event. 


  1. Ah so yummy! I want to go back and try them all again! The Darksidr was probably my favourite - I think the light sabres swung it for me!

  2. Ah so yummy! I want to go back and try them all again! The Darksidr was probably my favourite - I think the light sabres swung it for me!

  3. I LOVE the idea of cocktails in conical flasks - I'm definitely going to pop in when we are next in the area x

  4. These look amazing ! I've never been before but now I'm dying too !!b


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