Masterclass with Marc Sinclair | Fenwick Beauty Week 2016

Hello beauties.
I know I've been bit MIA but i've just taken on a new job && it's taking time to adjust my free time between sleeping && blogging.
Anyhoo, a few weeks back I was kindly invited along to another event courtesy of Fenwick Beauty Week.
This is basically where companies showcase their products && you'll see on my previous post (Fenwick Beauty Week 2016) that i attended the launch.
I then got an email from the team at Lancome inviting me along to their masterclass with make up artist Mark Sinclair. Now i had briefly seen some of Marc's work on his youtube page && thought he was amazing.
Upon arriving i was greeted by the lovely ladies at Lancome, they're probably sick of seeing my face the amount of times I am in there && was given a goodie bag of their EnergieDeVie products to test.
I went along with my good blogging friend Kayleigh.
Once we were seated Marc came over and introduced himself. I knew we were going to get along. He has a super bubbly personality && he is hilarious. Nikki, who is one of the make up artists for Lancome was one of the models so it was like sitting with a group of good friends.
The first thing he talked to us about was the clarisonic. If you're into your beauty you'll have probably have heard loads of bloggers talking about it. This device is waterproof so is perfect for taking in the shower. All you do is add your face wash to the centre of the head and use for 60 seconds. It pulsates so removes make up deeper than just a makeup wipe. The clarisonic also helps minimise pores, redness && helps prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
Marc then applied a toner to Nikki's skin to neutralise the PH balance before applying makeup.
This is when we got to learn about the Energie De Vie range. It is the first in the world moisturising water, so it's super gentle but puts the moisture back into the skin.
Before applying any makeup Marc then applied the cream && matte primer to prepare the skin.
Now for the fun part, the make up.
Marc used the Teint Idole Ultra 24H SPF15 foundation && using a flat brush used a whisking motion on the skin, not moving onto the next area until that was perfect. Now at first i was like, hmmm weird; but i've tried the technique && my foundation sits so much better.
Next was the Effacernes Longue Tenue SPF30 concealer. Use a really light colour && basically make a triangle on your face. It's hard to describe but you can see in the photo below. You can also double this up as an eyeshadow base.
As this was an evening look, Marc bronzed up all of Nikki's face to give her that beautiful summer glow. He advised when bronzing to stop at your pupil to give you that natural contour.
He then blushed && highlighted her face and she was glowing. He used a champagne tones highlighter, which i need to invest in because it looked amazing,
Next was eyes && this is where we mainly talked about technique. This is also where Marc came out with some amazing one liners that had us all giggling like little girls.
So, for eyeshadow it is best to hold the brush from above and hold it lightly, sort of like your about to drop it. This gives a softer line and makes your life 10x easier when blending.  The technique Marc described as 'windscreen wiper then circle motion'. Take a darker colour along the lash line, to create a slight depth and he took a blue colour along the bottom lash line right into the inner corner. This is bit of a brave look for me but really make Nikki's eyes pop!
Liquid liner, now i swear this stuff smells fear. I am completely incapable of getting my eyeliner even. Like ever. Marc showed me a three step technique to get the perfect liner. You start of on lower lash line && extend outwards giving you the flick. From that you line inwards to you pupil then from  your inner corner to your pupil. Then go back and fill in any blanks. And voila! perfect winged liner. Using this technique you should be able to 'cut cheese' with how sharp the lines are. We also had a bit of a fright when Nikki's eyeball decided to have a mind of it's own && do some flickery things.
The best way to remove any mistakes is using a Q-tip and a silicone based primer, the you can reapply your eyeshadow straight ontop and it'll stick.
Finally my favourite part, eyebrows.
Now Marc insists on using brow gel, which is something i've never really experimented with.
When he was applying this it give such the perfect arch && clean lines, he said it's best for 'karate chop brows' which had me laughing my head off. Also with summer coming up its best to pop a bit of brow powder over the top incase you sweat, there's nothing worse than your eyebrows running down your face.
Because of the dramatic look he decided on a nude lip and used the 274 from the Lancome range.
And there you have it, Nikki looked like she was ready to hit the town!
We had such a laugh && got chatting after the masterclass
if you haven't already go and check out Marc's Pages:
Instagram: Marc Sinclair
Until next time