Make Up Talk - Spring Summer 2016 Guide

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So i have something a little different for you today! I have a guest post from the wonderful Peter Minkoff.
Now if you don't know Peter he is a beauty writer for HighStyleLife Magazine in Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, hr worked as a stylist for a few fashion events in Brisbane. Besides fashion, he loves reading, making DIY cosmetics and travelling around tropical destinations. He plans to create his business for beauty and style advertising. 
We got chatting over email and he sent me some of his articles to read through. I fell in love with his writing. It's rare in the beauty and fashion industries where people can have a genuine personal opinion about something. That's what i loved about his articles; his honesty. Most would try and keep everyone happy with what they say. Out of the articles i loved this one, so here it is, i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!!

Make up Talk: Spring Summer 2016 Guide
Working as a makeup consultant must be one of the most awarding jobs in the world – sure, it’s not even close to going into surgery and operating on an open heart or fighting for the world peace but it surely is making sure the person in front of you feels the best she can – to me, seeing someone’s eyes sparkle with happiness and comfort in their own skin is amazing! That is why I always give my best to make sure my clients are satisfied and happy.
With the spring and summer around the corner, beauty trends will immensely change compared to what we have loved through cold winter days. Well, not immensely but significantly. Unlike winter which adored cold tones, the spring will welcome a pop of color here and there for surprise. There will be a lot of experimenting with makeup, too – so expect a lot of surprises.
Going over my favorite pallets I’ll be making sure get trending in the upcoming season, I’ve decided I put a little guide that will help all the fashionistas and beauty worshipers out there be the itperson of the season.
My ‘’No makeup makeup look’’ brings all boyz to the yard
It is no surprise that no makeup makeup look will be huge in the upcoming season. We’ve seen the rise of nude palette all throughout 2015, we’ve welcomed rose quartz and serenity and now it’s time we blend it all together. No makeup makeup look has a particular freshness about it that takes away the age off of someone’s face or simply emphasizes the already gorgeous features on a youthful face. I personally love it!
Eyes be popin’

With the no makeup makeup look a pop of color on the lips or eyelids comes as a fantastic surprise. Unlike previous trends that sported a lot of smoky shades which, in my option, look a bit drag (no offense) or even sloppy, these colors will be cheerful variants of vibrant colors such as yellow, blue, orange and coral. Unless I have a super edgy girl on my makeup chair who wants to go all in and decides on the blue or yellow on her lips, I’ll be practicing the eyeshadow and/or thick eyeliner pop of color. If your skin is a bit darker, these colors will look even more amazing. 
Lips are for kissing

Subtle peach creamy lip color for daytime and a pop of color for night events is everything you’ll be needing this spring and summer. The upcoming seasons are all about freshness and lightness so there is no point in torturing your skin with multiple layers of makeup. Just make sure you treat your skin right so you don’t suffer blemishes and dark-heads as they are way more visible when the sun is hitting your face and you are not covered in millions of layers of makeup. I recommend Youngblood makeup brand to all of my clients as this one is the best possible thing you can have in your makeup bag. The brand features lines of natural luxury mineral makeup products which are adapted to all skin types and various makeup affinities. Love working with it!
Wet and messy hair? Don’t care!

Wet hair look has been trending for some time now and it’s not going away, and why should it. It looks amazingly chic and together which is everything a fashionista should look like. This look is for all the fierce girls out there channeling their inner Gigi Hadid
Since the spring is on a more natural side, messy hair is more than welcome. Effortless-looking curls or messy ponytails with strands of hair casually falling over your face are such a Brigitte Bardot thing that will seemingly never go away. Experiment and see what works best for you!
So, girls – are you excited about the upcoming trends? I am!
If you want to see more of Peter's work check it out at:
High Style Life
Twitter: Peter Minkoff
Lots of love
- Zotonixe