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Hey guys,
So you may have seen on my twitter/instagram that last week i got invited to a Lancome event in Newcastle. this was for the launch of their 'juicy shakers'
Now if your over the age of like 16, you may remember juicy tubes (you were such a badass if you had one in school && you would swap with friends), well Lancome created them. When i found out this blogging event was on at Fenwicks Newcastle i knew i had to go.

Myself && the original redhead went along together where we greeted by the ladies at Lancome.
Before trying any products she talked us through the new range.
The Juicy Shakers are available in 13 amazing shades && a limited edition shade named '400 - Mint to Be'. The glosses has a bi phased formula with amazing pigments && nourishing oils including sweet almond oil, cranberry oil && omega 3. Instead of your normal gloss applicator these little guys have a cushion applicator in the shape of a cone; so its perfect for lip shapes.
All you have to do is shake the bottle; the more you shake the more pigmented the colour will be on your lips, then apply.
If you know me, you know how much of a sucker i am for a new products, so naturally i got a little bit excited when we started playing around with the colours. The first thing i have to say is, holy cow they smell amazing. I looked like a weirdo for about 5 minutes smelling the different products.

So me && Kayleigh grabbed a few shades && started playing around with them, trying them individually, mixing them together. I got a little carried away. I have to say these are absolutely perfect for spring/summer. It gives you just a little pop of colour && they're super hydrating.
the cutest cocktail in the world
Left : Meli melon 301
Right : Walk the Lime 166
Left: Great - Fruit 154
Right: Freedom of Peach 142
So these retail at £18 each. Considering the price of most high-end brands nowadays i would say that's quite reasonable. 

We also had the pleasure of meeting Fortunato Benavoli who is one of the elite make up artists for Lancome. He is one of the most brilliant guys ever && we had such a good laugh chatting away.
Go over and check his instagram out - Fortunato Benavoli Instagram

Lancome we're also generous enough to give me this little goody bag which i've been trying out this past week. They also offered us a complimentary treatment which I'm going on the 31st for, so i'm super excited for that
This was such an amazing day, if you're about definitely head to the Lancome stand && try the juicy shakers for yourself.

Lots of love
- Zotonixe


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