Hair Miracles with Roots&Rituals

As a hairdresser i am constantly on the look out for new products to play around with && trials. I will also hold my hands up and say i don't look after my hair as well as i should for my profession.
Over the past 10 years by hair has been abused by colour, bleach, perms and a lot of heat. So when Roots & Rituals contacted me asking it i'd like to trial their products, i was more than happy to give them a go. Let's see if it can salvage the damage i've done over the years.

This time of year is an absolute killer for my hair, the cold weather dries it out so badly. So the delivery couldn't have been came at a better time of year. It was really well packaged and inside the box were two products. They very kindly sent me their deep conditioning hair oil && ultra hydrating hair mask.
Oh boy is my hair gonna love this.
Ultra hydrating hair mask
I am a sucker for hair masks; there's always something so luxurious about a hair mask. I was pleasantly surprised to see how big this was - 250ml. As soon as you open the lid the smell is intoxicating; the organ oil & mango seed butter smells gorgeous.
The hair mask contains ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil & argan oil. All of the these things your hair just drinks up!
After shampooing my hair i like to leave this on a while. Depending on how much spare time i have in my day i'll leave this on anywhere between 10-50 minutes. Having colour damaged hair i like to leave it on longer so my hair feels the full effects. If you're hair isn't as damaged, you can leave it on just a few minutes.
My hair felt super silky afterwards, i just need to keep on top of using this every couple of weeks to see the full effect.
I can see this tub lasting me a while, it's definitely gonna be a staple in my hair collection. For the size of the product and how well it works, i think it's an absolute steal at £14.99.
Deep Conditioning Hair Oil
There is about 30000 different types of hair oil out there && trust me when i say i have tried a hell of a lot of them. I always find oils are either too artificially fragranced or full of silicone, making your hair look oily and lank.
The first thing i notice is there is NO artificial scents, silicones or parabens, it's 100% natural. That straight away is an absolute winner; you don't realise how much silicone is in products && how damaging it is for your hair. It then says it promotes optimal hair growth, targets premature hair greying and helps deep nourishment of scalp & hair follicles. I think my hair needs all of these things
In the 100ml bottle there's a blend of 15 oils; with the likes of alma, avocado, patchouli and lavender oil. It basically smells like a spa, which i love.
With oils, you only need the tiniest bit and trust me once you warm it up in your hands it goes a long way. I like to pop a little bit in a bowl, put it in the microwave for 10-15 seconds so it warms up, then comb it right through my hair. I find my hair gets the full effect of the oil doing it this way. Again if i've got a bit of spare time in my day i like to leave it on as long as possible. This bottle will last you ages and i think £16.99 is a good price for a product like this.
So would i recommend these products? Yes.
I think for the amount of products on the market filled with god knows what products that retails at like £20+ and coat your hair in silicone and fake fragrances.
Where as the Roots&Rituals products are 100% natural && still retail for an affordable price, yeah i'd recommend them onto people.
I'm actually going to take the oil into work with me && trial it on my customers.
What are your go-to hair oils/masks? 
Have you ever tried anything from Roots & Rituals?