Hair Therapy with Mon Platin Professional

As quite a few of you know I work within the hairdressing industry, so when I come across a haircare brand I've never tried I'm always quite curious about their products. I'm so picky of what I will use on my hair & it's very rare new products make it into my permanent collection.
A few weeks ago I was kindly sent some products by Jojoba Cosmetics. A hair and beauty brand using the latest products to take care of your hair and skin. Combining Mon Platin Professional, DSM & Black Caviar Collection they create products that are paramount to every day life.
Looking at some of the ingredient they use in the products I'm very interested to see the effects their have on my hair!!
What's my hair like at the moment???
My hair is chemically damaged with bleach through the mid lengths and ends. I have a naturally dry hairline but and oily scalp with coarse, medium/thick caucasian hair. Through years of colouring my hair the ends of my hair are frazzled and clearly need a bit of TLC.
500ml £28.27
I love a good hair mask, especially with the weather getting warmer, my hair goes crazy dry!!
This hair mask sounds perfect for what I need! A therapeutic and moisturising mask created to repair dry & damaged hair. With a unique formulation to prevent static and a mix of ingredients such as silk protein, black caviar and royal jelly extract (sounds totally luxurious doesn't it???) you're hair is going to get all the vitality and nutrients it needs. Black caviar and oil of obliphicha interacts to form the latest and most effective treatment for dry and damaged hair. I have to say that's quite a claim to do for a hair mask but lets give it a go anyways!!
After shampooing my hair and towel drying it, I spread the mask all over my hair; focusing on the midlengths and ends where most of the damage is. Massage the mask in and leave for 5-10 minutes before rinsing. 
For super damaged hair like mine I like to apply in the same way but wrap your hair in a warm towel for 20-30 mins, rinse out. By doing this it gives your hair more of a treatment and can penetrate the hair cuticle further.
I left my hair to dry on it's own (I'm trying to limit the heated equipment I use on my hair)
Final verdict? I actually really like this mask. The scent isn't too overpowering, the consistency is quite thick so coats your hair really well. Will I use this again?? definitely!!

250ml £24.99
Hair creams are always one of the other, they are amazing or they do not work on my hair at all. No pressure for this to work!!! Again looking at some of the ingredients contained in this it sounds so therapeutic for your hair. Black caviar extract, herbaceum seed oil and Persica fruit extract is a light but concentrated combination for your hair. It has a single action formula provides four separate levels of vital benefits - appearance, treatment, protection and texture.
Appearance - leaves hair shiny/ easy to control, adds volume and has holding power
Treatment - repairs and rehabilitates dry and damaged hair, loosens tangles and mends split ends
Protection - protects hair colour, contains UVA & UVB sun filters with heat protection
Texture - leaves hair feeling silky soft, combing made easier & gently fragrances
Sounds like an absolute heavenly product to fix all of our problems right?!
So you have two ways of using this product -
DRY HAIR - squeeze nozzle 2-6 times onto palm of your hand, spread generously from root to tip and style as desired
WET HAIR - squeeze 6-15 times directly onto hair 20cm away, comb the product through from roots to ends then style as desired
Now I didnt like the way this felt on my hair when I was applied dry - unless I was going to curl my hair after application it just made my hair look a little greasy. However when I applied to wet hair then styled my hair - that's where I saw the difference in my end style. My hair wasn't as fly away or static and actually held it's style a bit!
Final verdict? I think it'd only ever use this product on wet hair before styling so I wouldn't use it on a regular basis however I will use this.
Thinking about it, this would be amazing on afro carribean/ other curly thick hair types as it would keep your curls in their formation and stop them frizzing!!
Overall, yeah I like their products especially the hair mask and look forward to seeing the results over the next few weeks.