Summer Goodness with Crafted Drinks Co

So a couple weeks back I got chatting the the guys at Crafted Drinks Co about some of their products && what they do. They very kindly offered to send me some of their juice drinks out for me to try. 
Now Crafted Drinks co discover new & exciting combinations of fruit to create their distinctive blends && flavours.
They like to choose high quality ingredients then blend the fruits with water. One of their values is that they ever add sugar or sweeteners to their drinks. Their drinks actually contain around 30% less sugar than 100% apple juice - pretty cool if you as me. To add a little bonus into it, their drinks provide 1 of your 5 a day - even better!!!
'For us it's all about finding the perfect balance of flavours, allowing each fruit to shine through. The result? a drink that will surprise and delight your tastebuds. That's our craft."
Best part is, these juices are vegan & vegetarian friendly!!!
Still Cloudy Lemonade
This blend is zesty and full of flavour. You’ll first notice the big tangy lemon followed by subtle undertones of sweetness to balance the sharpness perfectly. This refreshing take on a traditional lemonade drink has a smooth, vibrant finish.
This was by far my favourite out of all these. Especially in the scorching sun, get a glass of this with loads of ice cubes and you are sorted. It's got a nice tanginess to it but it still quite sweet. It's super refreshing - I definitely would say it's best served ice cold.
Mango & Passionfruit
This is a fruity fragrant blend. The smooth and sweet mango is the flavour you’ll pick up first. Then the passion fruit adds a tangy hit that balances the taste perfectly. This delicious and smooth drink has a soft, light finish.
You can never go wrong with a mango & passionfruit combination. I did find this one was bit thicker and super sweet, but it's one of my favourite fruit combos. This is perfect replacement for orange juice on a morning. I also think this would be amazing with vodka in it!
Apple, mint & Lime.
Delicious and bold, the sweetness of apple is followed by the fresh fragrance of the mint which is balanced perfectly with the tanginess from the lime. This wonderfully refreshing drink has a smooth, light finish.
This one I wasn't too keen on, for me the mint was too overpowering. Saying that my Dad seemed to absolutely love this. I guess it would be good after a meal as more of a palette cleanser. The apple keeps this sweet but I'm not a huge fan of this unfortunately.
Pineapple, coconut & Lime.
This tropical blend is bursting with flavour. First there’s the sweetness from the pineapple. Then you’ll pick up the wonderful taste of coconut, balanced perfectly with a touch of lime. This fruity drink has a smooth, soft finish.
This is basically a Pina colada without the rum. I bet you all know what I mean by that! I'm not gonna lie - I love this. Usually I'm not keen on coconut but it's not overpowering over the pineapple. It's not crazy sweet as I think the lime balances it out. This would be perfect with a meal!

Overall I actually really like their products and can see me keeping a stock of this in my fridge over the summer. These would be perfect for a BBQ - there's definitely something there that everyone will love.
If you wanna get your hands on their juices you can find these at Sainsbury, Asda, Tesco and Waitrose.
Let me know if you've tried any of these && which was your favourite?