Meat:Stack relaunch at No.28

Now if you're from the North east I'm sure at some point you will have heard of The Grind based at No.28 on Nelson St. Well The Grind have had a little makeover & now rebranded as Meat:Stack.
A few nights ago I was invited along to the launch of meat:stack - same amazingly gooey burgers just a different name. I was looking forward to seeing what they had changed & what kept the same.
I went along with Ruth & Kay and we had a little catch up whilst we decided what we were gonna eat. Theres definitely something for everyone on the menu - beef, chicken and veggie burgers, I was definitely spoilt for choice. We all picked different burgers to try (yes, we're best friends we always share each others food).
I opted for the mid-western burger made up of butter burger with french onions, whipped garlic & miso butter.Now I'm not a massive lover of burgers but this literally melts in your mouth - not a chewy bit of meat in sight!
Ruth then went for the fried chicken & parmesan burger, in that was southern friend chicken thigh fillets. parmesan cheese, lettuce, honey mayo & fixings. I was pleasantly surprised at how juicy it was - I normally find chicken thigh quite tough & dry.
Finally Kay went for the west coast classic. Made up of a classic cheeseburger, secret sauce, lettuce & fixings. This is your perfect gooey cheeseburger.
We also picked at parmesan & truffle fries and buffalo chicken wings. I'm not a huge fan of chicken wings but Ruth & Kay both seemed to enjoy them.
I would definitely say if you're looking for somewhere to eat in Newcastle city centre, you fancy an amazing dirty burger with extras, a nice chilled out vibe & some good music get yourself along to Meat:Stack.
They also have a lot of other options on their menu, like hot dogs and other sides, so could be perfect as a meal or as nibbles to share with a friend/partner.
Have you ever tried The Grind/Meat:Stack before?
What's your favourite burger?