Indian Fine Dining

A couple of weeks back i was lucky enough to be invited along to Vujon located on Queen St, just off the Quayside in Newcastle. I am a huge lover of Indian cuisine so I jumped at the chance to try a selection of their new menu. I love wandering around this end of town because the buildings are so quaint && historic. 
When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the staff && we're seated downstairs where there was many other bloggers already mingling. It has quite a relaxing feeling with slightly more muted lighting. We all sat down as we snacked on poppadoms && dips. Promptly after the staff then returned with the selection of starters for us to try.
So for our selection of starters we had Angari Tikka which was boneless chicken breast marinated in yoghurts, chilli, garlic && seasoned with herbs and spices. There was also Kathi Kebab made up of diced roast lamb with onions, tomatoes && spice served in a butter chapatti. I'm not a huge lover of lamb but it was super tasty. My favourite of all the starters was the Veg Pakora, made up of vegetables && onions fried in a gram flour batter.
As we all tucked in we were agreeing on how amazing the flavours were. I think i would have been happy snacking on loads of these for the evening. 
The staff & chef then came out and talked us through what their new mains were going to be && some of the inspiration behind the dishes. They laid everything out for us to go up and pick what we wanted.
All of the mains looked absolutely delicious && i couldn't want to try them. There were three main courses then sides of rice, a selection of vegetables && nan breads. The mains on offer were the following.
Murgh Makhana Deli Style was the most amazing chicken breast in a fenugreek tomato & onion sauce. It was really rich in flavour && the texture was so creamy.
Murgh Tawa Fry which was chicken breast in onion & capsicum. I wasn't too keen on this as it had bit too much of a dry heat for me (I'm a korma kinda gal so i'm not great with quite hot spice)
Finally we had the Railway Lamb Curry. Like i said i'm not massive on lamb but this literally fell apart and melted in the mouth. With the most amazing garam masala flavour this was definitely a favourite for me.
The food was delicious && with good company it was a great evening. I'd definitely be returning to Vujon. I come from a family of curry lovers so our next family outing is definitely gonna be to Vujon.

Have you been before? What's your favourite Indian dish?