Elizabeth Arden Oxygen Facial

If I hear the words free facial, I'm already sold. So when I heard that Elizabeth Arden in boots were offering their oxygen facial to bloggers to try I had to jump at the chance. 
I decided to go after a long day at work && treat myself which is a rarity at the minute.
When I got to the counter at boots in Eldon Square I was greeted by Kathleen, who would be offering the service to me that day. She talked me through the service and discussed my skin. 
Once the consultation was complete she used the Ceramide purifying cream cleanser to remove all of my makeup. This can be used with or without water, with this being the product that is used on the counter we used without water. You can also leave your makeup on for this service however I wanted to see the full effect of the service without makeup in the way. She was very kind to leave my eyebrows on - anyone walking through boots would have been terrified seeing me without my eyebrows!! 
After that she applied the Ceramide purifying toner then explained me to me the importance of a toner. I'm naughty and only use toner once a day - oops!!!
Once the toner had sank into my skin she then talked me through the process of the facial. It was a little airbrush device (think of what they'd use for airbrush makeup) which inside had a magical product. The liquid inside was the Dermacare oxymo infusion oxygen && liquid minerals. Once filled she asked me to close my eyes && then using the nozzle sprayed my face with the minerals focusing it on my cheeks/forehead && avoiding the eye area. I can't describe how relaxing this was. Once it was empty she then used it with oxygen slightly closer to the skin to push the minerals into the skin. 
My skin hasn't felt this smooth in a long time. I suffer from combination skin, so the slightest bit of cold weather and my skins dries like the Sahara. It's the first time in a long time my skin felt even && I felt so refreshed afterwards. Kat suggested that you could get the service once a month as a treat or if you feel as if your skin needs it. Also I can't recommend Kat enough, she made me feel so at ease && it was like I had known her for years as we chatted through && after the service. 
She also talked me through the Presage collection && very kindly gave me some to take home && try myself !
Boots offer this as an ongoing service and at the bargain price of £15 you can't really go wrong. 
You can book my by popping into the counter or they can offer as a walk in service depending on how busy they are of course.

If you do head along, let me know what you think of it!! I'll be treating myself to another at the end of the month .