Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Benito Brows On Point

Eyebrows seem to be absolutely dominating the world at the minute with celebs from Cara Delevingne to the Kardashians giving us huge brow envy.
So when i got invited along the the Benito Brow Bar event in Debenhams i was eager to go along &&  see what they could do.
They've been around for a while now && you'll notice their signature black && orange decor. Benito offer services such as waxing, threading, tinting, eyelash extensions && services offered to men too.
I naturally have thick && quite dark eyebrows, they also seem to have an absolute mind of their own so most the time i chop them myself - OOPS!

After chatting through my consultation she removed any product from my brows && showed me the natural shape. I like quite an obvious arch in my brows ( i have a natural resting bitch face, so why not have the brows to match) && she advised me around this.

After the consultation the threading process is only 5-10 minutes long so don't think you're getting pinned to the chair && going through loads of pain. I've had my eyebrows threaded in the past && i can honestly say it doesn't hurt as much as what you might think. I ended up putting a video on instagram && nearly everyone said it looked so painful - i actually found it quite therapeutic. 

After the service we had cupcakes, prosecco && a good catch up/ chat with the girls. I think i'll definitely be going back this week to get them tinted.
Now if you've never touched your eyebrows at all or want to try threading i definitely recommend popping into a Benito near you, the ladies on the counter we're extremely friendly & definitely put you at ease if you're nervous.

They do look a little red but i was so happy with the outcome of my brows - exactly what i wanted. I just feel slightly naked without any products on my brows!

Also, check out their website/ social medias for their latest offers as you don't want to miss out on these!