A Walk In The Park

Hello my favourite,
Now you'll know if you work in a city centre or live on the outskirts of a city, it can be bit too much sometimes and sometimes all you need is a bit of greenery in your life. 
I'm a gazelle, i like my open spaces so the countryside or a park is my idea of heaven.
I went on a drive up to Ponteland with my oldest/best friend (theres no pictures of her because she didn't want me to show her beautifulness to the world) and the dogs.

I think it's nice to take yourself out for a while, catch up with an old friend whilst trying not to get soaked by the dogs. You know it's good for the soul.

I've never been to this park before but i will definitely be going back. It had a pebbled stream running right through the park with little foot bridges running over them.

Here's some little snaps of our afternoon out.