Ninja Burger Launch | No.28 Bar

Hey guys
So a few weeks back you may have seen on Instagram I was at no.28 bar for the Ninja Burger launch. 
No.28 is a hidden gem tucked away near the Grainger market in Newcastle. I've only ever been in for drinks but the decor && atmosphere is amazing, so when I found out I was invited along I was super excited. 
 Ninja Burger itself is a host of different burgers & sliders && now has a permanent residence at No.28. 
Of course I went along with my blogging buddy and upon arrival we were greeted by Cheish & a big glass of prosecco. I've met her at a few events now so we had a good old natter & a catch up. 
We found a table where we were joined by Ruth & Jen so we had such a giggle. We were first given one of their classic burgers to start with. This was simple beef burger with a brioche bun, lettuce, mustard & mayo and meat which was served rare. The burger is made up of 50% short rib, 25% chuck & 25% brisket so you can imagine how mouthwatering it was.
Of course at any blogging event there was lots of chatter, cameras clicking away & prosecco being drank. 
The second burger was there chicken slider & this was definitely my favourite. This was chicken breast marinated in buttermilk then fried in popcorn. It was served again in a brioche bun, lettuce && a mayo + chilli sauce. I think we all agreed on the table this was the best.
This is when the challenges begun. Our host & commentator for the evening was Matt Reed. Now Matt is one of the most histerically genius men i've ever came across, he's from Sunderland (boooo!) and is a stand up comedian.
 The first challenge was the 'chicken goujon russian roulette' . The three very brave guys took their seats and began eating. It was pretty tame until one guy drank two chilli shots and the crowd went insane. 
The next challenge was like a man vs food style. It was how many burgers they could eat in 4 minutes. Somehow one guy managed 4 ½ burgers which was insane. 
We ended the night by catching up and meeting other bloggers. I got the chance to catch up with Melissa who I met at another event, I also met Deborah && Caroline which was amazing to put names to faces. It was a great end to the night & I'm so looking forward to the next event.
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