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About the company
Based in Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, JKB Argent is a specialist boutique beauty product business with an established base of loyal customers. Founded by natural remedy pioneer Jas Braich, all our unique beauty products are made by sourcing and blending natural ingredients, harnessing nature to create powerful and ethical beauty tools. 
"I comes from a family of healers especially for skin conditions and her grandfather was a tracker. i have used his perseverance in developing Millionaire Hair Mist.  i tried everything other than oil to nourish my hair. it was only when my mum said in her wise way ' have you ever wondered why women in the Punjab have long healthy thick hair?'
 The penny dropped. It's all in the oil, but i didn't want hair that looked greasy. No way. And that's when i began developing Millionaire Hair Mist." - Jas Briach
Our superior quality luxe blends are very competitively priced and stand out in extremely attractive packaging. JKB Argent has a strong commitment to empowering women to look and feel their very best.
The Verdict
So i got sent this product through a few weeks back && I've been testing it religiously so i can make sure my review is right. As you can see the product is beautifully packaged, with a high end feel about it.
As a hairdresser I'm normally quite skeptical about these 'organic products' that promise you the moon, so i was a little on the fence when i first received this product. Now as you'll have seen i've got bleached hair so you can imagine the damage i have caused to my hair, so it was the perfect test for the hair mist. 
Now instructions told me to 'spray lightly on damp hair'. So i went away washed my hair, towel dried it and thoroughly spritzed it through my hair. I let me hair air dry so i didn't see an immediate result. However when i went to straighten my hair, it softened the cuticle of my hair and made it look a little less frizzy. Hmm impressed.
I've been using this everytime i wash my hair and i have definitely felt a difference in my hair. It doesn't leave a residue in your hair and it's super lightweight.
I then tried using the product allover my hair && applying a hot towel for 30 minutes, to see if the product would penetrate the into the cortex of my hair. I rinsed it out && honestly i couldn't stop feeling my hair, it was like silk.
Now this product does retail at £35, but for how little you need out the bottle, this product would genuinely last you around 6-8 months, possibly longer.
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  1. This sounds lie such a nice luxury product to have!

  2. Ooh this sounds great and I'm a sucker for cute packaging!!


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