No7 Protect & Perfect Night Cream | Review

Hi guys, another product review! This time i'm reviewing the No7 protect and perfect night cream.
I first used this product about two years ago and it was just a little sample size i picked up. I was slightly sceptical at first as it is one of those products that claim to do all these fantastic things. I have to admit, i fell in love. The sample i had didn't last long as i used this religiously daily. Last week a local boots store had a massive sale on as they were relocating. The tub i got is a 50ml it should have been £23 but i got it for a bargain of £5!!

So what does this product claim to do?
protects young skin to delay first signs of ageing, boost radiance & visibly improves fine lines.
help your skin get a restful night's sleep with this revitalising night time formula, targeting the first signs of ageing
works to help your skin recover from the day and smooth fine lines leaving skin with healthy renewed radiance

Personally i think thats a lot of things for one tiny tub. Despite my initial doubt i think this product is perfect for any age.
I'm in my early 20s and i am totally in love with this cream. After removing my makeup i use this all across my face and neck and i have seen a significant difference.
I am prone to dry & oily areas so it's difficult to find a product that suits both.
I also have slightly dark areas around my eyes and it totally brightens my skin up,

I would definitely give this product a 4/5 rating. the only thing i would change would be the density of the product as it is quite thick.

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