Shake What Your Momma Gave You - Cocktails @ Jalou

If you're from Newcastle, you'll know Jalou are renowned for their crazy cocktail combinations; i'm pretty sure everyone has tried the cookie monster right?? And i love a good cocktail as much as the next person, but do we even think what's getting thrown together?
I was invited down to Jalou to have a go myself at making a few cocktails from the menu. Mixing drinks whilst drinking shots.. what could possibly go wrong?!?!
We were introduced to a guy named Carter who was gonna show us how to make the drinks. I think they were expecting a larger group of us to arrive however in the end only three of us were there which is a shame, however made the drinks making a lot easier when theres not loads of people around!
Carter demonstrated how we should pour && the ingredients were laid infront of us to we could begin.
The first drink I chose to create was a Frozen Bubblegum Daquiri (£7.50). This is legit one of my favourite cocktails when I'm out so I was very excited to learn how to make it!
Havana club 3yo rum - 2 shots
Lime Juice - 30ml
Apple Juice - 30ml
Bubblegum Syrup - 30 ml
ice cubes x10
popping candy to garish
Pop all of the ingredients in the blender and blend for about 20 seconds/until all the ice is crushed.
Pour straight into a glass && sprinkle popping candy over the top.
Next up Solero (£6.95). Reading the cocktail menu this did not disappoint, out of the three cocktails I made this was by far my favourite && I'll definitely be making this again at home.
Vanilla Vodka - 2 shots
Melon Liquor - 25ml
Passionfruit Liquor - 25ml
Mango Juice - 30ml
Pineapple Juice - 30ml
Orange Juice - 30ml
vanilla cream float - to cover
Pour everything except the vanilla float into a cocktail shaker. Fill with cubed ice && shake until thoroughly mixed. Use a cocktail strainer to pour into glass. Pour the vanilla float over the top enough to cover the drink.
My final drink of choice was the Watermelon Martini (£6.95). I love anything refreshing, that's not overly sweet && this was absolutely perfect
Fresh Watermelon Juice - ½ cup
Russian Standard Vodka - 2 shots
Melon Liquor - 2 shots
Lime Juice - 1 shot 
Pour all of the ingredients into a cocktail shaker. Fill with cubed ice && shake until thoroughly mixed. Use a cocktail strainer to pour into glass. 
As you can probably tell my poison of choice is nearly always fruit related with nothing too crazy with it. I actually really enjoyed my night at Jalou, the girls, Carter & the drinks we're all fabulous and we had such good fun while making the drinks. I think I'd definitely book in again for the masterclass with friends && I'll definitely  be recreating these drinks at home!

What's your favourite cocktail/ drink?