Caudalie Mixology Skincare

Caudalie is a brand i've only dabbled in a couple of times so I've never really had a chance to explore their products. Recently I was very kindly sent out four of their products that i've been playing around with for a couple of weeks. This may be a new holy grail range for me - i love switching up these new products in my existing skincare routine. Check out the products & what i thought of them.
When i saw that this was a cleansing oil it freaked me a little, but i guess it something new to try in my skincare routine. This had high claims of dissolving makeup even waterproof. Day to day i wear a full face of makeup including lashes so i was interested to see what this would do for my skin. I pumped a small amount onto my fingers and rubbed all over my face. Most of my makeup completed melted off my face without being too harsh on the skin. The best part is this has a 100% natural formula meaning no nasty harsh chemicals on your skin.
£18.00 150ml
I am a total sucker for a good mask, especially for how bad my skin has been lately. I've never tried a glycolic peel mask before so i was very excited to try this. It gently exfoliates your skin with natural papaya but also boosts the glow your skin has with viniferine - an ingredient they extract from grapevine sap. The mask has 87.5% natural origin ingredients - i love that it's mainly natural produce. I like to use this on an evening as a wind down; a thick layer all over, leave it for 15 minutes then rinse it off - your skin will feel brand new.
£22.00 75ml
Out of all the products this has been my favourites. It's more of a dry oil that you apply before bed which helps renew and protect your skin overnight. The one thing i love about this - 100% plant based (you can't get much better than that!!) The ingredient list is incredible ranging from rose hip, carrot oil to neroli && lavender. I find this helps me totally wind down before bed and the scent makes me super sleepy. The next day my skin feels flawlessy smooth (I made everyone feel my face so they could appreciate the smooth-ness). My mam is also completely obsessed with this so i definitely think this will be a repurchase in the future.
£30.00 30ml
Foam products are my new obsession, anything i can get foam related i will. So this little beauty is a new favourites. It is a super lightweight foam with a soap free formula so it's super gentle on the skin. This is now part of my daily skincare routine, i love using this first thing on a morning. Making sure i get all the rubbish off my face and it completely wakes you up. 98% natural derived ingredients with sage & grape extract the scent is beautiful. Two/three pumps of this will do your entire face/neck and you'll feel super refreshed afterwards. 
50ml £7.50