KF Discovery Collection Launch

At the weekend i was very kindly invited along to the KF Discovery Launch in Newcastle. Kayleigh is a local jewellery designer who has recently increased her line into the laser cutting world && this was her way to showcase some of her fabulous creations.
Me && Ruth headed down to the London Bar && Kitchen, tucked away on Queen St on Newcastle's Quayside. I have to say i absolutely loved the venue. If you're a lover of kitchenware and cool trinkets - this is definitely the shop for you. I absolutely fell in love with the quirky designs and the hella cool lighting.
To the back of the room she had a 'selfies station' where you could try the earrings to see what suited; i love the sheer detail that has gone into making these. This was super popular during the night - everyone getting their boomerang for instagram!
At one side of the room the discovery launch collection was laid out for everyone to see && discuss. Theres so many different things, from large moon rings to dainty laser cut necklaces. I love the simplicity & the shapes - some of which i would never think could be pulled off.
 Now i'm super obsessed with the KF moon design - it is one of my all time favourite pieces. So when i saw she expanded her collection into earrings i was blown away.
I love small statement pieces and these really would go with any outfit.
With the colour scheme of grey, black, white & a flash of orange it's hard not to find something you like.
She has also created a zodiac constellation range which i absolutely love. Anything to do with constellations i'm there! So when i spotted my zodiac (Aquarius if you didn't already know) i found it hard to resist wanting to grab it and put it on! I especially love the black version of it!
Kayleigh has created some absolutely stunning pieces for the collection so i'm really looking
forward to seeing what she creates in the future..

What's your favourite piece from the collection?
Are you a moon & zodiac lover like me?