Build Your Own - MOD Pizza Review

A couple of months go I was invited along to MOD Pizza to review their new restaurant in the Metrocentre. Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the event but they very kindly asked me to come along at a different time to check them out. I grabbed my best friend and headed across to the Qube in the Metrocentre. 
Once we arrived we both got a warm welcome from the staff, where they stood us to one side && told us about MOD. You could pick from the nine classic pizzas on the menu or you can MODify your own.
Sort of like the Subway of pizza && with over 30 toppings & sauces to choose from, there's definitely something here for everyone. Now I'm quite picky when it comes to pizza, so being able to pick exactly what I want on a pizza is perfect.
As I got to the ordering station, I was definitely was spoilt for choice.They first ask you what size pizza you want, both me && Becca went for the MOD. These are a fixed price of £7.47 - which I think is super cheap for a pizza no matter how many toppings you decide on.
I'm not a huge fan of tomato based pizzas so I chose a garlic rub as my base for the pizza, I love garlic on pizza - it's a must for me.
Next was meat. I decided on chicken && crispy bacon, I was tempted to add mild sausage as well but didn't wanna spoilt it. Now I'm not a huge fan of vegetables on pizza - there's something about soggy vegetables that gives me the heebie jeebies. I decided to play it sage and get red onion && roasted red peppers.
I'm so hungry writing this blog post - all I want is pizza now!
Finally deciding on what cheese I want. I'm a huge cheese lover so I pretty much waited to put it all on. I managed to restrain myself, only picking mozzarella && parmesan.
 One of the staff then explained to grab a drink, pick a table && wait for your name to be shouted to collect your pizza.
There's good choice of refillable drinks too. You've got a soda machine with coke, Fanta, sprite and other soft drinks. However when I saw the flavoured lemonade machines I couldn't resist. I decided to go for the Strawberry Lemonade && Becca went for the classic lemonade. I could seriously drink this all day. We then found a table whilst we waited for them to shout our orders.
Here is my complete pizza, damn it looks so tasty. I could totally do with one of these delivered to my house right now. 
I think we only waited about five minutes before our pizzas were ready, which I think is super speedy for a restaurant. They use a 800° oven, which cooks the pizzas pretty quick.
Once we both got our pizzas we sat down && wouldn't let her eat until I got some photos.
Becca's pizza below looks just as delicious. She chose a red sauce base with chicken, bacon, mushrooms with chopped garlic. All of this topped with mozzarella && parmesan.
They both look super tasty and we both pretty much dug in straight away. It was that perfect in between of a crispy base && still juicy on the top. This is definitely one of the nicest pizzas I've had in a long time.
MOD pizza is available as sit in or take away. I do recommend sitting in as their decor is pretty cool and their choice of music is even better. I would definitely pop back to MOD, but maybe be a bit more adventurous with what I ordered. If you've ever in the Qube Metrocentre I would check it out as you pass. Also check out their social media 
(WARNING - if you go on their Instagram you will be instantly hungry && want pizza)
Have you tried MOD Pizza yet?
What did you try?


  1. This sounds so amazing! I love the sound of this. Have seen it a few times in Metro but haven't tried it out yet!

    Rachael xox


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