GET FIT: Week Four - Final Results

Hey guys!
So as you may have seen on my previous blog post I'm taking part in a 14 in 4 fitness challenge.
It's now the final week, I can't believe how quickly it has flown by.l I definatly have a load more energy & now I've cut out dairy, bread & pasta my body is feeling a lot less bloated.
This week has been a bit turbulent,  it's been hard work but here is how it went -

Monday - Day 22
I feel fresh as a daisy today. For how crappy I felt last week I'm surprised how much better I am. Breakfast was porridge & berries - i'm finding this perfect for the freezing cold mornings. Training tonight is circuits. I hated these when I first started but its a great way to push my body. Tonight was set up in 16 sections, as you can see my concentration on the balance board (it's not as easy as it looks). I absolutely loved this workout.
Tuesday - Day 23
I am sore as hell today, but it was worth every ache. I'm back to work today so I'm spritey as hell from last night. I do feel like I could eat a small child today, I cannot curb my appetite. I want all of the junk food, but I know I've only got a few more days to go, I can do this! I had a huge salad for my dinner

Wednesday - Day 24 until Friday - Day 26
I've been struck down by that god awful chest infection. I ended up being bed bound for three days which absolutely sucked. this meant missing out on two of my usual training sessions and being unable to eat much. Because my throat has been like daggers I can't even contemplate the idea of food so I've spent the past three days purely on liquid. I have zero energy and pretty much spent my days trying to sleep it off. Hopefully back to normal at the weekend.

Week Four Weigh In
So week four is completely done. I've had my weigh in and I'm 3lbs down this week. For being in bed ill for three days of the week I didn't think much would have came off at all! I honestly couldn't have done this without Claire & Nicci. Their support, expertise && help has been amazing over the past four weeks. Also, the girls I trained with, you ladies we're like a crutch, being there for you when you  were struggling. The support you gave me and each other is amazing, even during the workouts just pushing me through.

Total weight loss 
So from the four weeks I've completed the 14 in 4 challenge with a complete loss of
15lbs 1oz
I also had measurements taken at the start & the end, so I had a loss of
Chest - 4 inches
Arms - 1 inch
Waist - 3 1/2 inches
Hips - 5 inches
thighs - 1 1/2 inches

Before && After
If you do want to check out their Facebook, just click the link && have a look
GET FIT Facebook . I'm actually staying training with GET FIT throughout February, so I look forward to more results.